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Seam Height Gauge

Seam Height Gauge






The Seam Height Gauge is a manual gauge for measurements of the double seam height. It measures seam height on all points at the seam that you want.

The Seam Height Gauge provides objective and repeatable measurements compared to the Can Seam Micrometer. It is easier to have constant measurement results with this solid, fixture-based design and consistent measurement pressure.

Key Benefits:
Unprecedented repeatability and accuracy
No change parts or adjustment needed –– one gauge for all can sizes
Completely operator-independent measurements
Saves time thanks to digital output for data acquisition
Easily verifiable result

Can types:  Food and beverage cans, steel, aluminum

Diameters:  2″ – 6″ (50 – 153 mm)

Resolution:  0.0005″ (0.01 mm)

Features & Benefits

Tabletop (not handheld) design

Stainless steel construction

Spring loaded gauge ensures accuracy and repeataility

Can be used stand alone