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Products  > Messmer Büchel Screen plate for Somerville-style pulp screener

Messmer Büchel Screen plate for Somerville-style pulp screener

The Somerville Screen checks that no fiber useful for papermaking is included in the shive content to TAPPI T275 standards. 

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Brought to you by Messmer Büchel, our expert paper testing brand, our pulp screening machine offers accurate shive analysis of pulps, separation of stickies and plastics from recycled fibers.

What is a Somerville Screen?   

The Somerville Screen is a Somerville-style pulp screener designed to ensure that no fiber useful for papermaking is included in the shive content.  It also checks that no significant fiber bundles are present in the accepted stock.  

Multi-purpose pulp screening machine   

Although originally designed for determining shive in groundwood pulps, the method is applicable to all mechanical pulps and chemical pulps.  

Our paper pulp screening equipment is also used extensively for determining the contraries (stickies) remaining in recycled waste materials. 

Ready for action pulp screener

Our pulp screening machine comes complete and ready to use. For your affordable investment you get a precision-engineered screen plate and stand plus an electrical control box, a spray pistol and a hose.  

More good news? The screen box and calibrated spray nozzle of our pulp screener can be removed easily for cleaning. 

Steel Somerville screenplate  

Critical for consistent results, the Somerville screen has a precision engineered stainless steel screenplate with 756 slots -45.0 × 0.15mm wide (45.0 × 0.10mm wide optional). 

Quality pulp screener equipment – as standard!  

Our Somerville screen pulp screener was designed to support testing to the most stringent of international standards including TAPPI T275. 

The Industrial Physics portfolio

Across the IP portfolio we make a wide range of pulp screening machines and accessories to inspect everything you need to know about your paper, pulp and board samples. 

For example, the Automatic Bekk Smoothness Tester is a microprocessor-controlled instrument for testing the smoothness of paper and board according to the Bekk Method.    

Or why not test and evaluate the strength of your paper and board samples with confidence using the Short Span Compression Tester from Messmer Büchel? 

Industrial Physics insight

We’ve learnt a thing or two about how to build innovative yet reliable paper and board testing devices. We like to share this knowledge with our customers and the wider industry. 

You may appreciate this first piece – an introduction to pulp evaluation and sheet making. Alternatively, our expert team over at the knowledgebase section of our website wrote this blog on testing the physical and optical properties of paper. 



Applications: Corrugated Testing

Materials: Paper

Depth: 530mm (21 in.)

Height: 1050mm (42 in.)

Width: 530mm (21 in.)

Weight: 90 kg (198 lb)

Electrical connection: specify your voltage requirements when ordering

Water connection: drainage

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Success Stories

The problem

Some paint manufacturers have to undertake so many different types of tests that it’s hard to stay on top of the demands of their industry and the changing technologies that can best support them.

The solution

This was the case for our valued customer. They needed the equipment, skills, experience, and collaboration of a genuine partner. One offering personalized support and guidance identifying the correct inspection solution for each situation. We are always delighted to help.

The outcome

Daniel Marschall, President of Marschall Labs, said:


“The professionals at Industrial Physics took the time to understand the specific testing equipment needs of our lab. I can’t say enough about the excellent customer service and support they provide.”

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