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C&W Specialist Salt Spray Cabinet

C&W Salt Spray Cabinets to test both components and coated test panels across the whole spectrum of industry. The test cabinets are reliable, easy to operate and have a robust construction.

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The C&W salt spray range delivers the precise environmental test conditions demanded by industry today. Through their reliability, ease of operation and robust construction, C&W salt spray cabinets have gained worldwide acceptance with applications in all major sectors from automotive manufacture to the paint, surface and coatings, chemical, electronics, aerospace, military and offshore industries. C&W cabinets are widely used to test both components and coated test panels. The design ensures that they meet or exceed the requirements laid down in all major national, international and corporate standards.

Accelerated Corrosion Test

Pioneering designs have made C&W the UK leader in the manufacture of accelerated corrosion and environmental test cabinets.

Salt spray corrosion test / salt testing machines

Optimum Operation
Effective corrosion testing requires close operational control and total accuracy. In C&W’s salt spray cabinets these criteria are assured by many features. The easy access for filling and sterilisation prevents excessive growth of algae. A mobile external salt Solution reservoir with integral filter systems and 114 litre capacity gives up to 14 days continuous operation depending on model size. The integrated air regulator and gauge control and monitor the air pressure required for precise salt spray distribution, whereas the flowmeter accurately monitors salt solution flow. Sample Racks are supplied as standard to accept panels or suspend samples. Optionally a low level alarm system is available.

Precise Control
C&W Salt Spray Cabinets have many control features integrated. Temperature control (Range ambient to 55˚C, +/- 1˚C, by N.T.C. Sensor) is performed by means of a Soft touch” waterproof membrane keypad control panel with user friendly tactile keypads giving full digital test display. Humidity is controlled by an automatic self-filling humidifier tower for compressed air saturation and heating with digital display of temperature set point (range ambient to 65˚C, +/-1˚C). This tower includes an incoloy heater, over temperature protection and air diffusers to create bubble formation of air within the tower to produce totally saturated and heated air. With low water level protection. To ease programme control the microprocessor controller has the capacity to store up to seven different test programmes. The cycle-run and cycle-left counter has an end-of-test facility. Salt spray / dry cycles are fully adjustable from 0 to 9999 minutes. For spray/dry/air purge cycles the cabinets have an intermittent test facility. The integrated air purge removes corrosive air borne salt prior to sample inspection. This can be done manually or can be included in a program to work automatically .

Design Benefits
All C&W cabinets with their clean functional design are manufactured from high quality materials selected specifically for this application. They are made out of specially formulated fire retardant glass reinforced polyester (GRP) with high chemical and temperature tolerance. The apex lids are formed in a range of composite materials depending on test requirements and supported by gas springs to ensure smooth operation and an effective seal when closed to ensure full insulation. Over-temperature protection is factory set and the control panel is ergonomically designed. Transportation in areas of restricted access is made easier due to the compact design aided by wheels and removable lids.

Cabinet Variants

C&W corrosion cabinets come in a wide range of types, including conventional salt spray cabinets, cyclic prohesion cabinets, CASS cabinets, combination salt spray/humidity cabinets and combination salt spray/ prohesion-humidity cabinets.

Scope of supply
Each Corrosion Cabinet comes with:
1x CW4088 Installation kit
1x CW4052 Annual kit
1x CW4035 Set of Collection Vessel (2 funnel, 2 cylinder)
1x 5kg Salt + Certificate
1x CW5882 Adapter for pipe
1x VF7101 Corrosion Handbook

Optional Accessories
Many optional accessories are available. Please contact us for more information.

Subject to agreed maintenance procedures a two year warranty is available. The standard warranty is one year.

ASTM B117 Salt Spray

ASTM B117 is a salt spray test used to produce relative corrosion resistance information for specimens of metals and coated metals exposed in a standardized corrosive environment.



Applications: Corrosion Testing

Materials: Aluminum, Steel

Temperature control: Range ambient to 55˚C, +/- 1˚C, by N.T.C. Sensor

Temperature set point: range ambient to 65˚C, +/-1˚C

Salt spray / dry cycles are fully adjustable: from 0 to 9999 minutes.

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The Problem

When your customers must be able to rely on your inks and coatings there’s no margin for error in your test and inspection processes. So, settling for second-rate equipment and advice is a risky business! 

The Solution

With several dedicated inks and coatings testing brands in the Industrial Physics family, our industry-leading product portfolio and expertise is even relied upon by leading paint testing laboratories.   

The Result

Artur Palasz, R&D Director at Spektrochem, said:

Many of our customers appreciate Industrial Physics equipment, because it is a world-class apparatus that they know and use in their laboratories. Excellent technical contact, perfect customer service and fast order processing time are undoubtedly additional advantages that determine the choice of Industrial Physics as our permanent supplier of laboratory equipment today and in the future.”

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