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RLT-200: Radial Load Panel Tester

Radial Load (Panel) Tester

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The RLT-200 Radial Load (Panel) Tester automatically and safely tests a can’s resistance to radial load (implosion pressure). The latest generation can test two-piece and three-piece cans and even PET bottles.

The sealed and secure pressure chamber has a window, allowing operators to see the implosion process. The system also comes with multiple safety features, including door sensors that will not let the test run if door is not secured and pressure sensor to ensure the door can’t be opened if chamber is pressurized.

The measurement is completely automated, ensuring there is no room for operator error.

Can Sizes :  Any 2 and 3-piece can

Max pressure :  45 PSI (3 Bar)

Accuracy :  0.145 PSI (0.01 Bar)

Measurement units :  Bar, kPa or PSI

Features & Benefits

Measures any two and three piece cans with no change parts!

High accuracy, high resolution measurement

Fully automatic with no operator influence

Multiple safety features

Competitively priced

Quick Fill technology for rapid pressure increase

Newly designed with two and three piece can makers in mind, the RLT-200 is the most accurate, safest and robust radial load / implosion tester on the market.