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Restraining Plate Fixture

Restraining Plate Fixture | Leak Testing

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Restraining Plate Fixture

For Leak Testing and Seal Strength Testing of Flexible, Non-Porous Packages

Use with the TME BT Integra Pack for:

Leak Testing: Restraining stabilizes expansion during pressurization. Semi-porous surfaces are available to test without blocking any holes in the surface material.

Seal Strength Testing: Restraining plate fixtures provide consistent stress loading on all seals of open-ended or closed packages

Standard Dimensions: 12″ x 16″ x 1″

Adjustable height with incriments:  0.25″ up to 1 “

Features & Benefits

Restraining plates limit the tested internal volume of the package, can increase the sensitivity of the test.

Restraint equalizes the stress on package seals being tested and controls stretching expansion when pressurized

Restraining plates can be used with the TME TS-01/04 Open Package Fixtures to test open-ended packages

Closed packages can be restrained and tested with the TME Package-Port package entry system

Restraining gap adjusts from 1/4 to one inch to accommodate most package sizes. Other gap sizes are available on a custom basis.

Restraining Plate Fixtures from TME conform to ASTM testing standards

Standard size is 12″ x 16″ with custom sizes available.