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QVIS-E1: 100% Vision Inspection-Can Ends and Shells

Automatic 100% Inline camera Inspection System for Ends






The QVIS-E1 system is a user-friendly machine vision system for 100% inspection of can ends. The system uses a single, high resolution, high speed color camera, advanced optics and illumination components to capture a highly accurate image of the end that reveals all defects. The super-simple QVIS software runs on the familiar Windows 7 or 10 Operating System, allowing users with any level of expertise to easily learn and master the software and control the types of defects and sensitivity level of the inspection.

All system components, including the optical system, electrical panel, computer and touchscreen monitor can be housed in a single, compact, floor-mounted unit. For inclined conveyors or tight spaces, the controls can be mounted on an arm.

The QVIS-E1 Inline Vision Inspection System for Ends provides a high quality vision inspection system in a convenient, easy to use and affordable package.

End diameters :  All food can end diameters are supported

Interface :  QVIS software on Windows OS

Illumination :  Axial, Radial and Diffused, individually controlled components

Types of defects :  Dents, scratches, compound missing, voids, compound on end panel, curl dents and splits, contamination and other defects

Features & Benefits

Superior image resolution and quality – unparalleled defect detection and sensitivity

User friendly software that runs on Windows 7 or 10 Operating Systems – easy to train and master

High resolution color camera allows excellent detection of scratches

Flexibile software allows adjustment of the system to different can and end types and new defects

Single, floor mounted unit

High quality peripheral components – sensor, encoder and reject system

Touchscreen monitor with large buttons and labels

Designed specifically for the can making industry from experts in the field of can quality