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QVIS-A1: 100% Vision Inspection for Aerosol

Automatic 100% Inline Vision Inspection for Aerosol Cans

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The QVIS-A1 system is a compact, high-speed machine vision system for 100% inspection of aerosol cans and domes. The system uses a single, high-resolution camera, advanced optics and illumination to inspect the can from the top. User-friendly QVIS software runs on the familiar Windows environment, allowing users with any level of expertise to easily learn and master the software and control the types of defects and sensitivity level of the inspection. The built in quick height change allows quick changeovers between different can sizes.

All system components, including the optics, electronics, can reject system, computer and optional touchscreen monitor are housed in a single, compact, floor mounted unit.

QVIS-A1 Vision Systems for Aerosol provide a high quality, high speed inspection solution in a convenient, easy to use and affordable package.

Can Diameters :  All aerosol can diameters

Can Types :  3-Piece, 2-Piece and Monobloc

Can Heights :  All heights supported using built-in height change

Interface :  QVIS software on Windows OS

Features & Benefits

Designed for Aerosol can lines with multiple can sizes

User friendly software that runs on Windows 7 or 10 Operating Systems – easy to train and master

High resolution camera allows excellent detection of defects

Flexibile software allows adjustment of the system to different can types and new defects

Compact, floor mounted unit

Quick and easy height change

High quality peripheral components – can sensors, encoder and reject system

Optional touchscreen monitor with large buttons and labels