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Oxygen Process Testing Equipment

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TQC Sheen Qualicoat Powder-coating Test KIT


Qualicoat Full kitSoloGloss 60° Gloss meter- Art. No GL0010Coating thickness –  Art. No LD0411 (2 pieces)Adhesion test kit CC1000 – Art. No VF1839   + knife VF2357 and knife VF2358Buchholz hardness indentation test – Art. No SP1900Manual Cupping Test – Art. No VF4400Impact test acc. to ISO 6272-2 and ASTM D2794 – Art. No SP1880Oven recorder Kit Basic – Art. No CX3010Conductivity gauge- Art. No  HI0017Cylindrical Bend test with set of 14 mandrels – Art. No SP1820
To determine whether or not a coating meets a customer’s requirements, the results need to be measurable against technical specifications. On behalf of customers who have products coated, Qualicoat defines comprehensive quality requirements and monitors their compliance by licensed plants worldwide. As a result, purchasers of coated aluminium receive a premium-grade product delivering long-term value with good quality.
The equipment mentioned below is part of the Qualicoat full kit. We advise you to check if you already possess any of the instruments. If that is the case, please indicate this on the dedicated form (see links). You can also use this form if you prefer another model of than the mentioned one. For instance an automatic cupping instead of a manual one.
Would you prefer a personal advice, please contact us. TQC has equipped more than 75 QUALICOAT laboratories worldwide. Moreover, we cooperate with the monitoring organizations.
The Qualicoat Full kit consists of:
SoloGloss 60° Gloss meter- Art. No GL0010
Coating thickness –  Art. No LD0411 (2 pieces)
Adhesion test kit CC1000 – Art. No VF1839   +knife VF2357 and knife VF2358
Buchholz hardness indentation test – Art. No SP1900
Manual Cupping Test – Art. No SP4400
Impact test acc. to ISO 6272-2 and ASTM D2794 – Art. No SP1880
Oven recorder Kit Basic – Art. No CX3010Conductivity gauge – Art. No HI0017
Cylindrical Bend test with set of 14 mandrels – Art. No SP1820
Optional items and accessories:
Machu Test bath – Art. No VF8700 Machu knife – Art. No VF8600
Analytical balance – Art. No DI1750
pH meter – Art. No HI0037
Test panel 0,8mm – many dimensions available
Tape acc. EN ISO 2409:2003 – Art. No SP3007