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Pop and Tear Tester

Pop Force, Tear Force, Tab Strength, Pop and Push Force, Peel Force

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    The Pop and Tear Tester series test the quality of Easy Open and Peel Seal Ends.

    Marks allocation:  1-20

    maximum size:  153mm

    Measurement units:  Kg, N, lbs

    Max Load range:  200 N

    Resolution:  0.01 kg /0.1 N/ 0.2-0.3 lbs

    Accuracy:  0.25% of full scale

    output:  RS232

    Electrical power required:  24V-230 / 115V

    Size:  310 mm x 450 mm x 830 mm (12 in x 18 in x 33 in)

    Languages:  German, English, French

    Features & Benefits

    Increased Accuracy

    Automated Measurement

    Saves Time

    Automated Data Transfer

    Models available for EO and Foil Ends, as well as big round, rectangular oval and HANSA ends

    Customizable Test Types

    Precision Made parts and Sturdy Design