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Pneumatic Grips (250N)

250N (50 Lbf) capacity Pneumatic Grips

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United offers a wide selection of Pneumatic Grips with a variety of jaw inserts incorporating many different jaw sizes.
Pneumatic Grips require an air supply, or a separate Air Compressor can be purchased from United.
Pneumatic grips are opened and closed either by a toggle switch on the grip body, or by a foot lever located on the floor below the test frame.
Grip capacitues range from 1 Lbf. up to 1,000 Lbf.
They are often the preferred option for high volume testing labs.

Part # :  SG-100-50

Capacity:  250N (50 Lbf)

Includes :  Built-in toggle air switch, Air regulator with mounting bracket, Hoses and adapters

Note:  Customer to supply air line from source to regulator with 1/4″ quick release.

Inserts:  Not Included

Features & Benefits


Easy to Use


Quality construction

Makes sample loading easier for the operator