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Plate Thickness Gauge

Plate Thickness Gauge

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The Plate Thickness Gauge accurately measures the can or end material thickness for food, beverage or aerosol cans.

A small sample of the material is cut and placed in the 1 micron resolution gauge. A button retracts the gauge so that the sample can be inserted without damage. The Plate Thickness Gauge can operate stand alone or the data can be sent to the Symphony software for reporting and SPC analysis. Since it doesn’t require a PC or power or air supply, it can be placed near the can or end line for help during setup or as a quick check during production.

Resolution :  0.001 mm (1 micron)

Operation :  Push button

Communication :  RS-232 data output

Features & Benefits

Capable of measuring plate thickness for aluminum or steel

Can be used stand alone or with a PC

Measures can and end plate thickness

Data output to Symphony software available

Does not require power or air supply