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Oxysense 5250i

Non invasive oxygen monitoring and permeation system





The OxySense 5250i is part of OxySense’s innovative line of of Optical oxygen monitoring and permeation systems. It is the oxygen measurement instrument of choice for labs and individuals who need to test or evaluate oxygen through a variety of studies including package head space, dissolved oxygen, product shelf life and permeation.

The stand alone system can be used for measurements in oil, water and air as our Patented Sensor technology has the widest tolerance to temperature, chemical interferance, and pH.

This oxygen analyzer incorporates all the unique capabilities of the current OxySense System line, with an array of NEW features from a slant-top, touch screen display operation, real time graphical and test log display. The OxySense product line complies with the ASTM standard F2714-08 and ASTM F3136-15

Gas Operating range:  0-30%

Gas Lower Detection Limit:  0.03%

Liquid Operating range:  0 to 100% saturation

Liquid Lower detection limit:  15ppb

Temperature range:  0-50 oC

Operating temperature:  -10—70 oC

Operating humidity:  0 – 100%

Response time:  1 second

Accuracy:  5% of the reading +/-0.0015%- 0.25% — (from 0-5%)

Enclosure size:  11.5″x13″x7″

Power:  100V – 240V (50/60 Hz)

Features & Benefits

The analisys does not consume Oxygen Can be used for measurements in oil, water and air

Permits multiple measurements over time on the same package

Low cost OxyDot Sensors (O2xyDot®)

Eliminates risk of sample contamination or leaks

Improved accuracy through real time, real world measurement

No pumps or electro chemical cells to maintain and replace

No annual maintenance or factory calibration requirements

Measures both in gas and liquid

Stand alone instrument

Touch screen operation

Automatic data logging with real time graphical and log display

SampleTracker bar code software for managing multiple tests and samples

Integrated report writer with graph and log capability

Complies fully with the ASTM standard F2714-08 & ASTM F3136-15