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Oxygen Process Testing Equipment

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OxySense 325i

The OxySense 325i is a highly accurate and versatile oxygen measurement machine that’s suitable for a wide range of applications whether you need to test gas, oil or water.  


Brought to you by OxySense, our oxygen detection and permeation specialist brand, the OxySense 325i is perfect for oxygen headspace testing of packages, bottles and blister packs.  

You can breathe easy when using our OxySense devices for all kinds of oxygen measurement applications. From package material evaluation and closure design through to leak detection, anaerobic environment monitoring and oxygen headspace testing. 

The OxySense 325i will reliably guide both your research and development and quality control and assurance needs, plus it’s just right for product oxidation studies too. 

Affordable oxygen headspace testing

Oxygen headspace testing can be an efficient and reliable addition to your oxygen measurement process. It gives you valuable results that will help you to reduce waste and ensure the integrity of your products.  

The OxySense 325i is a low cost solution offering unbeatable value for money. It’s a great computer-interfacing choice for smaller labs and companies who want to bring their oxygen testing in-house. 

Our oxygen headspace testing systems guarantee highly accurate results within a short amount of time. The focus is on fast and flexible solutions, allowing you to speed up your testing process without compromising on the results.  

Sensitive oxygen measurement sensors

Our oxygen measurement devices feature innovative O2xyDot® Sensors which are placed into your package or container prior to filling and sealing.  

The advanced OxySense sensors are non-invasive and non-consuming. This means that the headspace gas is not altered by the readings you take. So you can rely on accurate oxygen measurements at any point after they have been put in place, whether that’s daily, weekly or monthly. This is why the Oxysense is so perfect for realistic shelf life studies. 

Breathe easy testing with OxySense

Using our ‘EasAlign Pen’ function and its integrated capture switch you get simple, one-click oxygen measurement results.  

Multiple oxygen measurement machine  

You can perform multiple measurements on the same package. So you can analyze oxygen content through real time, real world measurements.  

No leak oxygen measurement

With its meticulously designed oxygen measurement process the OxySense 325i eliminates the risk of sample contamination and leaks. 

Quality oxygen measurement – as standard

Both the OxySense 325i and 525i models were developed to comply with the requirements of international standards bodies including F2714-08. 

Oxygen measurement options 

Across the Industrial Physics portfolio we have plenty of devices that are similar in function to the OxySense 325i. Be sure to check out its big brother…the OxySense 5250i, or our Gaspace Advance Head Space Analyzers made by our leading oxygen measurement brand Systech Illinois.  

Inhale our oxygen measurement knowledge!

We’re always pleased to share the knowledge we’ve gained over several decades of working within oxygen measurement. Across the knowledgebase section of our website you’ll find lots of blogs about everything from dissolved oxygen testing to oxygen headspace testing.  

For example, you may enjoy this article which tells you how oxygen is measured within a PET bottle, or this one that delves into the importance of headspace gas chromatography analysis.  

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