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TQC Sheen Non-destructive Wood Moisture Detection Meter Combiscan




  • TQC Sheen
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    Combiscan non-destructive wood moisture det. metermeasuring range: 5,4-60% wood species : 30 different woodtypes & 15 density groups (0.3- 1.0) battery: 9V block battery sufficient for up to 3.000 measuringsweight: 190 g size: 13,5 x 6,5 x 2,5 cm
    CombiSCAN is the first pinless moisture meter from Lignomat. You can choose between two different measuring depths (7mm + 20mm).  The big display shows the setting of wood species and measuring depths constantly! The surroundings temperature is automatically measured not to falsify the measuring result at different temperatures. If the battery is low, the combiSCAN will show it you right in time on the display! 30 different wood species and more than 240 wood types by density are available for setting! Easy to handle and precise, that’s Lignomat!

    measuring range:  5,4-60% wood species

    weight:  190 g size

    measuring range:  5,4-60% wood species

    weight:  190 g size

    Features & Benefits

    CombiSCAN can be set in 4 different languages: English, French, German and Italian.

    Measuring depths 7mm & 20mm

    Measuring area: 5.4 – 60%

    4 wooden groups and 30 species of wood