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MorFi Fiber Quality

Innovation for paper – A powerful, low cost and compact solution for pulp morphology measurements





The MorFi Compact is specifically designed for intensive laboratory use and provides a complete interface for the treated data display. This slimmed down version of the MorFi Lab unit offers identical optics & flow cell measurement characteristics to ensure a blockage free process control as well as measurement accuracy. The interface gives a complete display of the treated data and makes it possible to recalculate this data to highlight different features. The data can be saved and exported to other computer programs.

Features & Benefits

User Friendly Software

All parameters adjustable including fibers & fines definitions

Instant data recalculation using new parameter values (no time limit on data history)

Real time fiber images displayed on screen as well as data acquisition » Full data exportation & multi test exportation for easy result analysis under Excel

Easy to understand histograms, arrays and curves

Images saving ability

Three passwords protect user authorization levels