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MM400 Moisture Analyzer for process gas measurement

Moisture Analyzer MM400 A process moisture analyzer featuring a simple, maintenance-free metal oxide sensor.






The MM400 moisture / dew point hygrometers are designed to be customised to your application giving precise measurements while providing a simple, yet affordable moisture analyzer.

Incorporating our high quality aluminium oxide moisture sensor which provides accurate, dependable results over a wide range from -100°C to +20°C (-148°F to 68°F) dew point. The aluminium oxide sensor is maintenance-free and is the popular choice for the most demanding applications. The MM400 moisture analyzer is available in three different configurations:

Panel-mounted bench mounted moisture analyzers
NEMA 4X / IP66 waterproof and weatherproof moisture analysis units
19 in. rack mount. Combine the moisture analyzer with any of our oxygen analyzers to create a dual gas analyser.

These units are completely configurable and include the ability to remote mount sensors and offer user-selectable units of Dew Point (°C or °F) or ppmv. Two versions of the sensor are available to meet your needs:

The general purpose sensor includes flow valves and can be mounted up to 1km from the analyser.
The intrinsically safe remote sensor allows for installations into hazardous areas. This sensor is approved by BASEEFA and CENELEC to ATEX II 1G/EEx ia IIC T4 standards.

Stainless steel housings, laboratory grade components and controlled environment manufacturing ensure the finest, most consistently precise sensors in the industry.

Can be applied in:
Industrial gases (as a purity check)

Gas :  Moisture

Application :  Industrial Gas, Intrinsically Safe

Measurement range :  Autoranging from -100°C to +20°C (-148°F to 68°F) and equivalent in ppm(v) moisture (<1 ppm to 2.3%)

Technology :  Aluminium oxide

Accuracy :  ±1°C from -60°C to +20°C. ±2°C from -100°C to -60°C

Response Time :  Wet gas to dry gas

Unacceptable gases :  Corrosive gases, Mercury, Ammonia, Chlorine, HCI, Ozone

19 inch mounting option :  Can be combined with our oxygen analysers in a 19 inch mount configuration to create a dual gas analyser

Features & Benefits

Autoranging from -100°C to +20°C (-148°F to 68°F) dew point (<1ppm to 2.3%)

RS232/485 outputs

°C, °F, and ppmv units

Calibration traceable to NIST

Remote sensors available

Fast response and recovery from saturation

Fault alarm

Intrinsically safe option