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Manual Seam Saw

Manual Seam Saw








manual saw for food cans destructive double seam inspection:

Easy to pull lever.
Primarily for steel food cans.
Can be used with oval, rectangular or club cans – with additional modification (please contact us for more details).
clamping system ensures a clean and accurate cut at 90 degrees to the edge.
Proximity sensor prevents blades from rotating without a can present.
Right handed operation – pull handle to start operation.
Clean cut – perfect for SEAMetal system.
Replaceable HSS or TiN saw blades.
Special dust tray
Stainless steel – prevents corrosion and staining by beverages and other materials.

Range:  50-250 mm diameter, can be modified for 300mm cans

Features & Benefits

Manual cut

Low deformation of can

Secure can centering device

Easy maintenance and blade replacement

Safe Operation – saw only works when proximity switch senses metal can

Cut width 13 mm

Uses two HSS or tin coated blades 100 x 22 x 5 mm 300 teeth

Supports round food cans with diameters of 50 -250 mm (version for non-round cans available upon demand)