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Load Cells

United offers a variety of load cells in various styles and capacities to meet your specific testing requirements.



United load cells are designed to meet ASTM-E4 requirements along with the operational requirements of United testing machines.

Common capacities:  50N (11.2 Lbf), 100N (22.4 Lbf), 200N (44.8 Lbf), 500N (112.4 Lbf), 1 kN (224.8 Lbf), 2.5 kN (562 Lbf), 5 kN (1,124 Lbf), 10 kN (2,248 Lbf), 20 kN (4,496 Lbf), 25 kN (5,620 Lbf), 50 kN (11,240 Lbf), 100 kN (22,480 Lbf), 150 kN (33,720 Lbf) , 250 kN (56,200 Lbf), 300 kN (67,440 Lbf),600 kN (134,880 Lbf)

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Made from the highest quality materials and components