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Laser Extensometer

Using a unique laser scanning approach developed by United Testing Systems, the Laser Extensometer permits accurate non-contact extension measurement.




Designed to provide accurate extension measurements from less than 1% to greater than 1000% strain, this versatile optical scanning device performs well for sample testing with an environmental chamber at elevated or even very low test temperatures, as well as at normal temperatures and environments.
The United Laser Extensometer is unique in its ability to measure a broad range of materials including ultra-high modulus carbon composites, ceramics, steel and non-ferrous metals, paper and wood products as well as most varieties of elastomers.

Spec:  Solid state 635 nm laser diode transmitter

Spec:  -80 degree scanning (+/- 40 degrees from horizon)

Spec:  Receiver (Co-Axial with the transmitter) features independent focusing and automatic gain control

Spec:  Retro-reflective gage marks (EXT-250-LT) must be applied to each test specimen, temperature not to exceed 250 Deg C (480 Deg F)

Performance:  Meets or exceeds ASTM E83 Class B2 with gage length 2″ (50 mm) or greater

Analog Output:  10 mV full scale (rescaleable)

Select from Multiple Full Scale Ranges:  0 – 5% up to 0 – 2000%. 0 – 2%

Measures:  strain for samples in tension or compression

Minimum recommended gage length:  10mm

Resolution:  0.0002″ (0.005mm) at 19″ (485mm)test distance

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