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Inspector Flashlight

Robust and handy flashlight with extremely powerful Power LED and multiple light sources




  • TQC Sheen
  • Applications:



    Inspector Flashlight with three light sources
    The Inspector Flashlight is a robust and handy flashlight with extremely powerful Power LED. The adjustable light beam makes this flashlight very suitable for most kinds of inspections. This powerful light produces an impressive 1000 Lumens and has a beam distance of max. 300 meters. It has four functions: high beam (white), low beam (white), red light and UV light
    The aluminum housing is dust- and waterproof (IP45), and shockproof from a height of one meter.
    The flashlight is powered by a  Li-Ion battery which can be charged using AC, DC or USB-C. Charge time is 4-8 hours and burntime is 7.5 hours (high beam down to 1 lumen) to 10 hours (low beam down to 1 lumen).
    The TQC Sheen Inspector Flashlight comes with the following accessory package:
    – Inspector flashlight
    – Lanyard
    – 1 pcs Li-ion battery 18650
    – Holster
    – AC Charger
    – DC Charger
    – USB-C cable

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