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Products  > TQC Sheen Infrared Thermometer

TQC Sheen Infrared Thermometer

An easy-to-use infrared thermometer that lets you measure surface temperature in all sorts of industrial settings. Measuring a range of -50 to +750°C, this handheld thermometer is perfect for hard-to-reach places.  


Handheld infrared thermometer

The user-friendly TQC Sheen Infrared Thermometer Standard is designed to measure surface temperature without making contact, offering you an easy and non-destructive way to take the temperature of all sorts of surfaces. Perfect for use under harsh industrial circumstances, this infrared thermometer has an illuminated display that makes it possible to take readings in dark or poorly lit environments.

How to use our infrared thermometer

The TQC Sheen Infrared Thermometer Standard offers fast and straightforward operation. Just point and shoot and the surface temperature is shown on the display within 500 mSec with a high degree of accuracy.

It has an auto power off function to help save battery power between uses, and it’s easy to toggle between C° and F° readings. It also features automatic data hold and an over range indication.

Our standard infrared thermometer measures a temperature range of -50 to +750°C, for a wider range there is the TQC Sheen Infrared Thermometer Professional. 

When to use an infrared thermometer

Designed to be used in all sorts of environments, this infrared thermometer uses a laser pointer to identify the target area while rubber parts on the housing protect the instrument against mechanical damage.

It is perfect for measuring the temperature of hard-to-reach surfaces as well as moving objects or electrical parts. For example, it can easily be used to measure the temperature of parts in curing ovens, bearings, electrical junction boxes, coolants, engines, plastic molding, asphalt and many more.  Any object with an emissivity close to 0.95 i.e.  most surface not being shiny metals. For detailed information please check Wikipedia on emissivity.

Infrared thermometers are also a smart choice when it is essential that the surface is not contaminated.


SKU: TE1005

Applications: Abrasion Testing, Coating Testing, Temperature and Climatic Testing

Materials: Aluminum, Metals, Paper, Plastics and Polymers, Steel, Tinplate

Range: -50°C to 750°C / -58°F to 1382°F

Response time: Less than 1 second

Resolution: 0.1° up to 200° / 1° over 200°

Basic Accuracy at +23°C E=0.95: ± 1.5% of reading or ±2°C/±4°F (whichever is greater)

Optical resolution: 1 Distance to spot size ratio

Emissivity: Fixed at 0.95

Power supply: 9V battery

Weight: 290 g

Dimensions(H x W x D): 230mm x 100mm x 56mm

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The Problem

Industrial processes are often energy heavy, expensive and harmful to the planet. Sadly, many companies don’t appreciate how easily they can optimize their operational efficiency.    

The Solution

If you use industrial powder coating ovens then Industrial Physics can empower you to better understand your energy use with tools like the TQC Sheen CurveX temperature data-logger 

The Result

Learn how our aluminium profiling customer managed to cut their energy use by a third, slashing costs and helping them to offer a more sustainable service in the process. 

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