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Products  > Systech Illinois GS6000 Headspace Analyzers

Systech Illinois GS6000 Headspace Analyzers

An oxygen headspace analyzer and carbon dioxide gas analyzer ideal for modified atmosphere packaged (MAP) product testing and quality control. GS6000 is a reliable and low-cost option.


GS600: affordable and reliable headspace analyzer

Choose an oxygen headspace analyzer from Systech Illinois, recognized worldwide for its line of precision oxygen and carbon dioxide MAP analyzers. The Gaspace6000 offers high levels of performance technology and operator ease to fulfill the latest industry demands for accuracy and reliability. 

Advanced gas and oxygen headspace analyzer

These highly advanced instruments are equipped with integral sampling systems, unique, miniature, long-life, zirconia and infrared sensors, and microprocessor control to deliver the most accurate and repeatable performance possible when testing MAP. 

The internal microprocessor manages calibration, autoranging, flow control, test duration and many other functions to ensure consistent, error-free results for gas analysis while the new, more compact, corrosion resistant enclosure minimizes the required foot print space on carts and table tops. 

Benefits of the GS6000

Our easy-to-use headspace gas analyzer offers a number of benefits, including:  

  • User-friendly software parameters that are easy to enter and can be secured against accidental change.  
  • Headspace samples can be injected directly into the instrument when automated sampling is not practical. 
  • The AccuFlow transducer provides accurate flow control and replaces antiquated ball type flow meters. 
  • Flow is internally monitored to ensure trouble free performance and a warning displayed should the flow become obstructed. 
  • The robust sample wand is designed to accept standard luer accessories and includes easily replaced needles and particulate filters. A convenient sample wand holder prevents needle contamination and enhances safety when the analyzer is not in use. 
  • One touch automated calibration and product analysis make these analyzers easy to use. 
  • Response is typically less than five seconds for oxygen and ten seconds for carbon dioxide. 

Principle of operation: GS6000


The non-depleting oxygen sensor in this oxygen headspace analyzer is a high purity, zirconia ceramic core with platinum electrodes controlled within a high temperature environment. The sensor produces a log output which is converted and linearized to yield a digital readout directly proportional to a sample’s oxygen content. 

Carbon Dioxide 

The non-depleting sensor integrates a solid state infrared (IR) source and detector into a single high performance assembly. Narrow wavelength filtering and strict temperature compensation ensure that only carbon dioxide is measured, even within complex gas mixtures. Precise signal conditioning and microprocessor control provide direct digital indication of CO2 concentrations. 

How to use our headspace gas analyzer

Automated package sampling is easy. Measurement duration is user selectable, which provides great flexibility for a large variety of products.  

  • Using the sample wand, insert the sampling needle into the package and press test.  
  • The instrument does the rest, extracting the sample and analyzing sensor output. 
  • It holds the results for viewing on the bright autoranging display. 

Headspace gas analyzer accessories 

We have a number of suitable accessories and extras, including a can piercing station or pressure tester, which is simple to use and proven to be stable and reliable in hundreds of demanding applications. It supports rigid cans and jars for accurate analysis using a standard needle probe. Another accessory for the GS6000 is a 45° Adaptor designed to aid measurement of small volumes of headspace.  


SKU: GS6000

Applications: Gas Analysis and Testing, Oxygen Headspace Testing

Materials: Film, Paper, Plastics and Polymers

Gas:   Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide

Application:   Gas Flushing of Food, Headspace Analysis

Oxygen range:   Autoranging from 0.001 to 100% (models GS6500 & GS6600)

Carbon dioxide range:   Autoranging from 0.1 to 100% (models GS6600 & GS6700)

Response time:   <5 seconds (O2), <10 seconds (CO2)

Weight:   4kg (9lbs)

Dimensions:   305W x 254D x 152H mm (13.5W x 11.5D x 5.7H inches)

Can piercing station:   For analysis of rigid cans and jars

Computer Interface: RS232 Port for printer, USB for computer.

Rigid Pack Sampler: Extracts samples from cans, jars, bottles, etc. Includes all necessary fittings and supplies.

Compact External Printer: 40 Column Thermal Desktop Printer

Mains power: Universal, 90-264VAC. 100 Watt maximum

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The Problem

A cutting-edge manufacturer of sustainable flexible packaging films was searching for an oxygen transmission rate analyzer to be used within an R&D environment.

The Solution

Ultimately, it was the OxySense 8101e OTR that best fit the needs of TIPA – due to the ease of operation, excellent sensitivity and reliability, and a wide sensor range, it was able to tick all the boxes.

The Result

Due to the features of the instrument, TIPA can expand the range of the products they’re developing – a hugely beneficial factor.

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