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Fully-Automatic Shell Measurement Gauge

We're sorry, this instrument has been discontinued. You can find all available equipment in our 'Product' section.






The Shell Measurement Gauge for quality beverage endmaking is fully-automatic and can pull up to 80 shells at a time.

maximum positions:  max. 20 positions around the shell (rotated automatically)

measurement units:  In, mm

Resolution:  Standard

High-resolution:  0.00004 in (0.001 mm)

Accuracy:  ±0.00004in (0.001mm)

Output:  RS232

Electrical power required:  100-240VAC 50-60Hz

Air pressure:  90 psi (6 bar)

Size:  600 mm x 510 mm x 250 mm (24 in x 20 in x 10 in)

Languages:  English, German, Chinese

Features & Benefits

Faster Inspection Time

Fully-Automated Measurement and Handling

Automated End Rotation

Increased Accuracy

Automatically makes up to 10 measurements per end

Eliminates Operator Error

May be installed in-line or used as a stand alone gauge

Holds up to 80 Shells for measurement

Requires little training and is extremely easy to use