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Products  > CMC-KUHNKE Front End Station

CMC-KUHNKE Front End Station

The CMC KUHNKE Front End Station is an innovative and accurate can gauge that delivers fast measurements of trimmed can products.


Brought to you by CMC-KUHNKE, our metal packaging testing specialist brand, the exceptionally accurate and repeatable FES-4000 front end gauge takes measurements including trimmed can height, dome depth and top and mid wall thickness.  

Our industry-leading can gauge automatically rotates your cans and can perform 360° scans on the wall thickness of your samples.  

Time saving can gauge testing 

Our can gauge saves you time: With automatic can rotation, automatic data transfer and multiple measurements at one time.

We have invested world class R&R into this front end gauge. The wall thickness measurements have a resolution of 0.1 microns. Its automated measurements give you exceptional accuracy.  

Can gauge early warning system 

Measurement results are shown on the TFT Touch screen, with  out-of-spec limits flagged in red to warn the user. The data can be transferred directly into Visionary QC™, or other data acquisition software. 

Easy calibration can gauge inspection

You only need one calibration master (can height and bottom depth) needed for any can you want to inspect. Plus all of the can gauge and measurement-parameters are automatically adjusted and saved in the gauge control for later analysis.  

The Industrial Physics testing portfolio 

Got a food, beverage, or aerosol product that requires a metal container? We have the gauges, testers, and software to reduce the cost of production and increase the efficiency of your canning and bottling processes.  

The CMC KUHNKE semi-automated back end gauge for two-piece beverage cans takes measurements quickly and accurately. Plus it adjusts automatically for multiple can heights. 

Or why not take a look at the CMC KUHNKE dome reversal tester? It’s a semi-automated buckle tester designed to determine the pressure at which the bottom dome of a finished beverage can starts to buckle. 

Crack open a can of knowledge 

We like to share the lessons we’ve learnt over many decades of making can gauges and similar devices.  

On the knowledgebase section of our website you’ll find a few blogs on the subject that we’ve published. First up, there’s this one – can inspection: how can you do it? 

If you like inventions and looking back at the way that test and inspection has changed over the decades then you’ll enjoy our popular history of the can-timeline. 


SKU: 286 500:00

Applications: Beverage Testing, Can Inspection

Materials: Metals

Maximum positions: 36

Minimum size can height: 55mm (2.125in)

Maximum size can height: 205mm (8in)

Minimum size can diameter: 52 mm (202)

Maximum size can diameter: 84 mm (307)

Measurement units: In, mm

Range top-wall-height: up to 10mm (0.4in)

Range mid-wall-height: 28 to 140mm (1.125 – 5.5in)

Resolution trimmed can height: 0.01 mm (0.0004 in)

Resolution dome depth: 0.001 mm (0.00004 in)

Resolution top wall thickness: 0,0001 mm (0,1 micron)

Resolution mid wall thickness: 0,0001 mm (0,1 micron)

Accuracy trimmed can height: +/- 0,01 mm

Accuracy dome depth: +/- 0,001 mm

Accuracy top wall thickness: +/-0,001 mm

Accuracy mid wall thickness: +/-0,001 mm

Output: RS232

Electrical power required: 24V-120/230VAC Power Adapter, 50-60Hz

Air pressure required: 5 bar (73 psi)

Size: 260 x 200 x 120cm (102 x 79 x 48in)

Languages: English, German, Spanish, Chinese – others available upon request

Characteristics: trimmed can height, dome depth, top-wall and mid-wall thickness

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