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Filter Dryer Set

Accessories: Filter Dryer Set | TM Electronics

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Filter Dryer Set

For Use with All TME Leak, Flow and Package Testers

Protects your leak, flow or package tester from damage from water, water vapor, oil vapor or oil.

Air quality provided to your instrument is critical to the long term performance of the equipment. The air supply must not contain water or oil liquid or vapor; otherwise, sensitive pneumatic components and the transducer may be damaged. The warranty on the instrument does not extend to damage caused by oil or water contamination or heavy particulate contamination.

The components consist of:
a. Coalescing Filter – 16 CFM, 150 psig maximum at 125F
b. Desiccant Drying Filter – 5 CFM, 150 psig maximum at 125F
c. Final Filter – 40 CFM, 5 um, 150 psig maximum at 125F

The coalescing filter prevents oil vapors from contaminating the desiccant drying resin and decreasing their absorption capability.

The desiccant drying material is silica gel with an indicating color. When the silica has turned PINK the material must be replaced or recharged. Recharging may be done according to manufacturer’s instructions.

The final filter is a particulate filter to prevent dust from the desiccant drying cartridge from entering the instrument. This filter can be monitored for discoloration or visible particulate. The filter element is a 5um pore size and can be washed and blown dry for reuse.

Not all compressed air is acceptable instrument quality. For that reason a filtering system that combines a 5-micron filter with a drying system is advised. This system will provide both the filter and a desiccant dried air for the instrument, assuming basic plant air is controlled for moisture

Coalescing filter and desiccant filter combination: 150 psig and 10 CFM Flow

Micron filter: 5

Mounting: brackets for wall mounting

Connection: ¼” NPT-18 supply

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