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Products  > TQC Sheen Film Thickness Gauge FTG2000

TQC Sheen Film Thickness Gauge FTG2000

This TQC Film Thickness Gauge is a high precision film and foil thickness gauge designed to offer accurate measurements quickly and easily.  


Reliable film thickness gauge

The TQC Film Thickness Gauge FTG2000 is a reliable film and foil thickness gauge that has been especially developed for measuring so-called “replica tapes” as Testex®, used mainly to measure the surface profile. It offers high precision measurements in the 0-1000 Micron range and has an accuracy of +/- 5 Micron. 

The large and clear display makes it easy to read the measurement under all conditions and values can be displayed in either microns or inches. The gauge is also mounted detached from the holder, to minimize the influence of body/hand temperature. Get fast and reliable results from this handy film thickness gauge.  

Why measure film thickness?

Measuring film thickness and assessing the smoothness of a substrate can be essential in the QA of applying inks, paints and coatings. It can yield important information about adhesion, which helps to maintain finish quality, as well as help minimize material costs and improve the efficiency of application while ensuring compliance with contract specifications. It can also be used for testing the films applied in flexible packaging. Find out more about testing the thickness of packaging films 

How to use the TQC film thickness gauge

The TQC film thickness gauge is easy to use, here’s a breakdown of operation.  

1. Start by selecting the appropriate grade of Press-O-Film replica tape Testex-tape X-COARSE (range 1.5 to 4.5 mils / 40 to 115μm), Testex-tape COARSE(range: 0.8 to 2.0 mils / 20 to 50μm) 

2. Locate a representative site for measurement and turn the gauge on before choosing the appropriate parameter (mm/inch -9-). Zero (-6- ) the gauge. 

3. Pull a single piece of adhesive-backed printed paper free of the release paper. The Press-O-Film is the 0.4 inch (1 cm) square white plastic film at the center of the adhesive-backed paper. A circle of paper should remain on the release paper. You can then apply film to surface to be measured. The adhesive-backed paper will hold it firmly in place. 

4. Rub the burnishing tool over the round cut-out portion of replica tape, using moderate to firm pressure. Use the smoothest surface on the rubbing tool and apply a firm pressure. When surface is replicated the replica tape will become darker. Make sure that the entire circular area has uniformly darkened. 

5. Remove the replica and place it (by gently pressuring the lever -8-) centered between anvils ( -2-, -3-). Place the anvil, by gently pressuring the lever (-8-), on the Press-O-Film. Subtract 2 mills or 0,05 mm or 50 μm) from the gauge reading (the thickness of the incompressible substrate). The resulting number is the average peak-to-valley height of the blasted surface (Rave). 

Film thickness gauge that meets industry standards

The TQC film thickness gauge operates completely according to ISO 8503-5, for the preparation of steel substrates before application of paints and related products. It also allows you to measure in compliance with ASTM D4417-21, the standard test method for field measurement of surface profile of blast cleaned steel. 


SKU: SP1570

Applications: Coating Testing, Smoothness Testing, Thickness Testing

Materials: Aluminum, Inks and Coatings, Metals, Steel

Range: 0-1000 Micron

Resolution: 1 Micron

Accuracy: +/- 5 Micron

Battery: 1,5V Type SR44

Calibration Available

Declaration of Conformity

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