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FES-4000: Front End Station

Semi-Automated Front-End Measurement for Trimmed Cans


286 500:00




The Front End Gauge provides automated front end measurements on trimmed cans.

The exceptionally accurate and repeatable FES-4000 automatically rotates the can with the capability to perform 360° scan of wall thickness. At each position Can Height, Bottom Depth, Top-Wall and Mid-Wall Thickness are measured. Measurement results are shown on the TFT Touch screen and out-of-spec limits are clearly flagged in red allowing for immediate corrective action by line personnel. Data may be transferred directly into a data acquisition software.

Time savings thanks to automatic can rotation and automatic data transfer, as well as the possibility for multiple measurements at one time.

There are no change-parts required for multiple can heights and diameters.

Exceptionally accurate measurements with a resolution of 0.1 microns for wall thickness measurements.

Max. number of Positions:  36

Can Height Range:  55 to 240 mm (2.125 to 9.4 in)

Can Diameter Range:  52 to 84 mm (202-307)

Top-Wall Height:  up to 10 mm (0.4 in)

Mid-Wall Height:  28 to 140 mm (1.125 – 5.5 in)

Air Pressure Required:  5 bar (73 psi)

Electrical Required:  24V-120/230VAC Power Adapter, 50-60Hz

Features & Benefits

Automatically adjusts to pre-configured measurement positions along the wall of the can

Top-wall height may be adjusted from 0 to 10mm

Wall thickness data may be graphed on-screen

Can height, top-wall, mid-wall and bottom depth are measured automatically

Only one calibration master (can height + bottom depth) needed for all cans

All can- and measurement-parameters are automatically adjusted and saved in the gauge-control