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End Measurement Gauge

Curl Diameter, Curl Height, Countersink Height, Curl Opening, Curl Width, Curl Length, Inside Curl Diameter, Chuck Fit and the option of First Bead Height.







The Semi-Automated, multi-diameter End Measurement Gauge provides automatic measurements for every characteristic of the can end.

maximum positions:  20 positions around the end (end rotated automatically)

maximum size:  230mm

minimum size:  50mm

measurement units:  Inch, mm

resolution:  0.001mm

output:  RS232

electrical power required:  100-240VAC 50-60Hz

air pressure:  90 psi (6 bar)

size:  590 mm x 515 mm x 245 mm (23 in x 20 in x 10 in)

languages:  English, French, German

Features & Benefits

Saves Time

Automatic End Rotation

Automatic Data Transfer

Multiple Measurements at one time

Increased Accuracy

Automated Measurement

World Class R&R

No Change Parts or Adjustment Necessary

Pictorial representation of end measurements shown on screen

Customizable test types including number of measurements per end and characteristics to be measured

Easy to use calibration/verification mode (with calibration piece)