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Products  > Technidyne Emtec AFG CAS Touch! Particle Charge

Technidyne Emtec AFG CAS Touch! Particle Charge

The Emtec AFG CAS Touch! Particle Charge is a highly accurate, reliable and portable paper charge analyzer.    


Brought to you by Technidyne, our physical properties testing brand, the CAS touch! determines both the cationic/anionic and the acid/base demands of aqueous charge systems.  

Our particle charge analyzers accurately measure the particle charge in the wet end of paper/board production. They’re reliable, compact devices that are easy to operate and handle.  

It’s so simple to use the CAS touch! Just take it out, switch it on and start measuring!  

A dual testing particle charge detector

The modern electronic components of our particle charge analyzers accurately measure streaming Potential (mV) and pH simultaneously. You can determine the isoelectric and flocculation points of a sample. And examine the correlation between pH, titrant demand and streaming potential. 

Our particle charge analyzer choices 

There are three particle charge detectors available in the CAS touch! range to choose from: 

CAS-I touch! 

  • One integrated titrator 

CAS-II touch! 

  • Two integrated titrators 

CAS-E touch! 

  • Connection of external titrator or hand titration. 

Talk to us about which of the three models we offer is right for your testing needs.  

A touchscreen, connectable particle charge analyzer 

The CAS touch! has state-of-the-art touch screen technology which clearly shows your data with titration curves. It’s also connectable to an external keyboard using a USB or wireless connection. 

Software and data storage solutions  

The CAS PC software is user-friendly and easy to operate. You’ll soon take complete control of efficient testing procedures including fixed increment titration, dynamic titration and back-titration.  

Your standard titration procedures and customer-specific processes can be stored in the CAS touch! Data can be stored internally as well as externally on an USB flash drive, analyzed with PC software or exported to Excel. 

A compact, portable particle charge detector

Our particle charge analyzers are robustly made to last. But they also have a light, compact design.  

The CAS touch! is designed for simple transport in a ‘carry-on size’ case. It’s easy – unpack the device and connect it to the mains voltage. Then your particle charge analyzer is ready to start measuring with no complicated assembly or tubes needed. 

An impressive paper testing portfolio

Across the IP portfolio we make a wide range of machines that test all aspects of paper.  

There’s the Technidyne TEST/Plus® TAPPI Brightness which evaluates the brightness of paper, cardboard, corrugated, inks and coatings, paper, paperboard and tissue in seconds.  

Or check out our ColorTouch®X 45 – the only 45°/0° spectrophotometer for the pulp and paper industry. It’s a powerful tool that was built to meet the demands of the brightness, color, color difference and fluorescence markets. 

Decades of paper testing expertise 

Over many decades of creating testing devices for the paper industry we’ve learnt a lot. We like to share the insight we’ve gained across the knowledgebase section of our website.  

We’ve published lots of blogs on paper testing. There’s this one that describes how to test the physical and optical properties of paper. Or maybe this guide on how to optimize your paper testing lab process would be more helpful? 



Applications: Coating Testing, Corrugated Testing, Materials Testing, Optical Testing, Paper Testing, Paperboard Testing, Tissue Testing

Materials: Cardboard, Corrugated Paper, Inks and Coatings, Paper, Paperboard, Tissue

Device weight: approx. 3.30 – 4.25 kg (depending on model)

Device dimensions: 17.0 x 28.5 x 17.0 cm (W x H x D)

Minimum sample volume: 10ml

Maximum sample conductivity: 11 mS/cm

Electable stop-condition: pH 0 – 14mV -5000 – +5000, 0 – 25 ml anionic/cationic demand, 0 – 25 ml acid/base demand

Resolution: 10 µl

Streaming potential resolution: 1 mV

Measuring range: -5000 – +5000 mV

pH resolution: 0.01 pH

Measuring range: pH 0 – 14

Demand of titrant resolution: 1 µl

Accuracy: < ±1%

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The problem

Increasing numbers of companies are seeking planet-protecting sustainable packaging options. Many want to work with biodegradable polymers, but are finding their traditional testing methods aren’t suitable.

The goal

Aquapak were looking for a novel approach to water vapor transmission testing (WVTR) and we worked together to strive towards a sustainable solution towards testing hydrophilic films.

The result

Being able to build a relationship with Industrial Physics and leverage their expertise in packaging barriers was critical to the success of this programme.”

Max Phippard, Quality Control Manager at Aquapak

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