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TQC Sheen Dynamic Absorption Tester – Fibro System

The DAT measures the contact angle (dynamic and static), surface tension, penetration, surface energy and spreading. The instrument uses a sophisticated camera to capture the fall/ shape of the drop, the shape on the sample and eventually the penetration. The pump and the camera work closely together. This is critical to have the correct amount of liquid and have each test start at the same time.




  • TQC Sheen
  • Description


    Features & Benefits

    High-speed Camera – The high-speed camera captures 100 frames per second. This vast amount of information is rapidly analyzed by the software and shown on the PC.

    Consistent Measurement – The high-speed camera is in direct communication with the automatic drop applicator. This ensures that each drop is captured in the same way.

    Pump System – The pump system enables you to use fluids with higher viscosity. The accuracy of the drop applicator is 1 µl.

    Different Test Methods – The DAT PC software has multiple test methods. Besides contact angle and surface energy, several different calculations for surface tension are available.

    Block/Strip Feed – Block feed: a block with the sample attached is inserted in the instrument.

    Strip feed: a roll of paper is inserted in the instrument.

    Automatic Drop Applicator – Between each drop, the specimen is moved automatically until the requested number of drops has been measured.

    High precision pump, accurate within 0.1 micron

    Drop application synchronized within 1 ms

    Purity of liquids, surface tension, static and Dynamic Contact Angle<

    Strong software

    Export data in Excel and to SQL server

    High speed camera

    Automatic feed (block feed or strip feed option)