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DTV Dirty Tray Vision System

How to achieve huge cost reductions in starch moulding in only one step? The DTV Dirty Tray Vision System is the first and best innovative solution since 25 years to prevent bad imprints and dirty trays during starch moulding production.







Access our interactive Dirty Tray Vision guidebook here.

The Dirty Tray Vision System is the innovative solution to prevent bad imprints and dirty trays in starch moulding production lines.

It is a highly accurate, reliable and proven system for the production of candy and jellies.

The system is the result of a successful collaboration between Eagle Vision Systems, a leading manufacturer of inline inspection systems, and Luuk Hilhorst of LHT Consultancy, who has extensive experience in the industry of starch moulding lines.

The Dirty Tray Vision System, DTV in short, inspects each and every tray immediately after printing in the starch, before it will be filled with the liquid jelly. If the tray is not perfectly filled with starch or the quality of the imprint is not correct, the tray will remain in the line but will not be filled with liquid jelly and will therefore eliminate the risk the tray to get contaminated with hardened pieces of jelly.

• Dirty Tray detection. Residue of visible jelly left from the previous production run.
• Checking if there is enough starch in the tray. Insufficient amount of starch.
• Identifying dirty mouldboard.
• Identifying broken or incomplete models on the mouldboard.
• Inspection of bad imprints. Collapse of walls in between models.

• Deposited Tray Inspection

Also Available: Packaging inspection including code reading.

Features & Benefits

Automatic learning functionality

Prevents producing dirty trays

No more tray cleaning

Improved quality of production and machine performance

Reduces down time

Storage of statistics and pictures

Remote access connection

Retrofits for old and new Makat, NID and W&D moguls

Network connection

Very operator friendly user interface

Easy maintenance because of no moving parts

Return on investment 3 – 12 months

Hygienic Design

CE certified