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UTM (Universal Testing Machine) – DSTM 5-25 kN Table Top

United’s DSTM Universal Testing Machine test frame is ideal for testing samples from 5 kN up to 25 kN. From basic tension and compression testing to advanced materials testing the DSTM Universal Testing Machine is a versatile test system used across virtually all industries.




United Table Model Systems are available in several capacities to match your specific application – 5 kN, 10 kN, 20 kN, 25 kN.

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Ideal for performing tension, compression, or advanced materials testing applications, Table Model frames are the ideal choice when testing materials such as plastic, rubber, textiles, metals, composites, adhesives, bolts, screws, fasteners, wood products, and related material.

Table model frames come in standard sizes, however taller or wider frames can be manufactured if the need arises. Simple and easy to use, United Table Model frames are known for the durability, dependability, and overall lower cost of ownership compared to many other brands on the market today.

If you do not have a table or lab bench to sit the test frame on United offers a versatile Floor Stand. The Floor Stand is capable of supporting the weight of the frame, while at the same time ensuring the grips, fixtures and test area are at an optimal height for the operator.

DragonFly UTS Software & Hardware Controller

All new United UTM’s are operated using our new, proprietary DragonFly UTS software and control electronics package. DragonFly UTS is our next generation platform designed to provide customers all of the latest features that a modern UTM requires in a powerful but easy-to-use package. Using an intuitive workflow-based user interface, DragonFly UTS is designed to support all types of UTM users from R&D labs to Quality Control personnel in production environments.

DragonFly UTS User Experience

Setting up and running a test, saving test data, and producing reports is best accomplished through a workflow that aligns with the natural progression that an operator understands, which is precisely what DragonFly UTS provides. From the first screen the operator sees to the final data analysis and reporting screen, DragonFly UTS is designed to provide a smooth, intuitive, and easily repeated workflow-based environment unique to UTM users and applications.

DragonFly UTS Hardware Controller and Data Acquisition

DragonFly UTS is more than just new software. Along with our innovative software and user interface, United has also developed our next generation DragonFly UTS Hardware Controller (DHC Controller) to provide the most reliable and highest quality data possible from our UTM’s. The standard DHC controller incorporates some of the most advanced embedded hardware components available on the market. With standard data acquisition rates of 1,000 Hz, DragonFly UTS’s performance is among the best in the industry and is more than adequate to meet even the most advanced testing demands.   In addition, DragonFly UTS is designed to protect the value of your investment.  Forward-thinking controller design makes the DHC practically future-proof against electronics obsolescence issues that plague so many UTM systems with older embedded controller technologies.  Growing your UTM system capabilities is easy as the DHC can be configured to accommodate up to 12 additional external channels via plug-and-play expansion modules, which can be added as needed to support your future testing needs.   So, invest in what you need for your lab now, and rest easy regarding your investment – DragonFly UTS will ensure that your UTM is able to meet your testing needs for many, many years to come.

Ideal for testing to the following standards

ASTM D1708-13 – Tensile Properties of Plastics by Use of Microtensile Specimens
ASTM D1876-08 – T-Adhesion Testing Test for Adhesives
ASTM D412-2015 – Tension Test for Rubber and Elastomers
ASTM D429 Rubber – Property – Adhesion to Rigid Substrates
ASTM D695-15 – Compressive Properties of Rigid Plastics
ASTM D882-12 – Strength Testing of Thin Plastic Sheeting
ASTM D885 – Tire Cord Tensile Test
ASTM F2516-14 – Stainless Steel Tubing
ASTM F2516-14 – Strength Testing Nitinol Wire
ISO 178 – Flexure Testing of Plastics
ISO 4587 – Adhesives Tensile Lap Shear Strength Rigid to Rigid
ISO 527-2:2012 – Tensile Properties of Plastics
ISO 527-3 – Tensile Properties of Films and Sheets
ISO 527-4 – Tensile Properties of Isotropic and Orthotropic Fiber-Reinforced Plastic Composites

Height:  63.6 in (1615 mm)

Width:  26.2 in (665 mm)

Depth:  15.5 in (397 mm)

Weight:  350 Lbf (160 Kg)


Height:  63.6 in (1615 mm)

Width:  26.2 in (665 mm)

Depth:  15.5 in (397 mm)

Weight:  350 Lbf (160 Kg)


Features & Benefits

Dual Column load frame

Loadcell included in system price

Twin ball screw drive with closed-loop servo and motor controls

Crosshead Guidance System: Uses heavy channel steel columns

Maximum lateral motion ±0.25mm over full crosshead travel

Anti-backlash system is standard on floor models, optional on table models

Emergency Stop Control is via rocker and mechanical limit switches

Interchangeable load cell is standard

Automatic overload protection standard

Quick-Disconnect loadcell & fixture system

Controlled release of load in the event of power failure

Grips and accessories sold seperately

DragonFly UTS runs on all current supported Windows software and uses an intuitive Graphic User Interface (GUI) that provides an easy to understand, workflow-based testing environment unique to UTM users and applications.

DragonFly UTS software features a visual, icon-based test method builder along with logical workflow management tools.

Easily build and manage test templates and test libraries

Intuitive import/export functionality for test methods, raw data and finished test reports

Robust SQL database infrastructure for secure data storage, data export, and data analysis including support for server and cloud-based data connections and back-up

Systems include a new DragonFly UTS DAQC4 hardware controller with state-of-the-art electronic design and components

Standard data acquisition rate of 1,000 Hz

On-the-fly hardware changes with automatic recognition and configuration

Plug and play expansion modules for the DAQC4 hardware controller allow up to 14 additional channels to be added for advanced sensors and accessories including multi-point/multi-axis strain gage and extensometer systems, laser, optical and video capture systems and more.

The DAQC4 is a future-proof controller designed for long-term use, expansion and support without obsolescence concerns to help customers maximize their investment for years to come