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DRT-3000: Series Dome Reversal Tester

Computerized Pressure Testing for Beverage cans - Buckle & Burst






Analog-based gauges are no longer sufficient in today’s competitive manufacturing environment. These gauges won’t show you how the can reacts to pressure in real time and won’t tell you how much it expanded as pressure increases. If you want to record and analyze the data, you need to write down each measurement and enter the data manually in to an SPC program or Excel chart.

Our Beverage Buckle & Burst Gauge is an accurate, user-friendly and affordable system that automatically measures and records all pressure points on beverage cans and ends. The system has the ability to measure sets of beverage cans and beverage ends on the same machine.

The system displays the pressure graphs and allows the operator to see the exact points at which the can’s dome or the end’s countersink buckle and also when the can or end bursts. The system automatically detects these points and displays these values and the pressure and volume graphs on the built-in monitor.

The software provides easy to read information on the can or end and records the data in the built-in SPC system. There is no operator influence on the measurement process and the pressure test scenario (when to raise pressure, by how much, how long to hold the pressure, etc.) is completely programmable.

Maximum Can Size:  up to 307 (83mm)

Range Pressure:  0-8 bar (0-116 psi)

Range Dome Growth:  0-12 mm (0-0.47 in)

Air Pressure Required:  Min. 8 bar (116 psi)

Electrical Required:  100-240VAC 50-60Hz

Resolution Pressure:  0.01 bar (0.145 psi)

Resolution Dome growth:  0.01 mm (0.0004 in)

Accuracy:  ±0.725 psi (±0.05 bar)

Output Interface:  RS232

Features & Benefits

Automatic detection of the Buckle/Burst points on cans

Automatic reporting and archiving of all information

Profile of test is fully configurable, i.e rate of pressure increase, hold pressure and hold time, etc

Operates on regular air pressure

Can test pressures up to 10 Bar