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Discovery Weighing Balance

The Discovery weighing Balance is the professional's choice when it comes to weight measurement




It features a rigid construction and an advanced internal calibration system offering the performance you would expect to find only in premium-priced balances. A compact design, the Discovery Pro delivers accurate results within seconds improving operator efficiency and productivity. The easy to use balance software utilizes text prompts to guide users through applications and balance setup. Delivered through a 2-line backlit LCD display and clearly marked buttons, the Discovery Pro tells you what is going on and what you must do next. It is supplied with a frameless, flip top anti-static glass draft-shield which provides unobstructed access to the working chamber. To minimize weighing errors and ensure accurate measurements, two internal weights are used to perform the internal linear calibration procedure which automatically calibrates the balance when it senses a temperature change significant enough to affect the weighing accuracy. The balance features a rear mount load cell for ultimate, accuracy and isolation.

Other features include:
Selectable environmental filters, protective in-use cover, integral weigh below hook, up-front level indicator, stability indicator, mechanical and software overload/ under load protection, AC adapter, user selectable span calibration points, auto tare, user selectable printing options, user selectable communications settings, user selectable data print options, user definable project and user ID’s, software reset menu, software lockout menu

Weighing features:
Weighing, Parts Counting with Automatic Sample Recalibration, Percent Weighing, Check weighing, Animal/Dynamic Weighing, Gross/Net/Tare Weighing, Totalization, High Point, Density, Statistics and Pipette Calibration

Application Modes:
Weighing, parts counting with automatic sample recalibration, percent weighing, checkweighing, animal/dynamic weighing, gross/net/tare weighing, totalization, high point, density, statistics, pipette calibration.

The Discovery can be supplied with OIML approval and is offered in analytical and semi-micro versions.

Weight:  10.2 kg

Dimensions:  200x460x300 mm (WxDxH)

Power:  External adapter, 100-120VAC 150mA, 220-240VAC 100mA, 50-60Hz

Display:  100×25 mm 2-Line alphanumeric backlit LCD

Features & Benefits

Selectable environmental filters

RS232 interface with full GLP/GMP protocol

Easy to clean stainless steel platform

Wind ring and glass & steel construction

Protective in-use covern

Integral weigh below hook

Easy to use keypad

Up-front level indicator