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Simpatic-Dirt & Shives Analysis

Simpatic 2IP- On Line dirt counter, ink or shives in pulp stock



The Simpatic 2IP is the result of 15+ years of experience in deinking and pulp cleanliness research dedicated to the development of instruments to create solutions in this area. The Simpatic 2IP is the perfect tool for online dirt detection, is simple to install, easy to use and perfectly representative of the process contamination.

New IP Camera:

Plug and Play (easy installation)
Multiviewer on mill network
Higer frame rate grabbing
Better Image quality & background correction

Automatic luminancy regulation
3 programmable 420mA outputs built in with the new upgrade,
2 programmable relay outputs with the upgrade,
Less noise sensitive
No Computer inside

Calibration : (calibration procedure included) calibration chart, focus adjustment, automatic work out of real resolution

Detection of all Contrasted Contaminants (Dot counter):

These contrasted contaminants include dirt, ink, shives, colored plastics, sand, bark, stone cells, carbon and any other contrasted particle that would cause paper quality problems.

Rugged construction for continuous intensive use

The Simpatic 2IP is built to operate 24/7 under extreme operational conditions. The system has no moving parts leading to minimal maintenance requirements. Techpap offers remote maintenance & diagnostics using the internet and our secure communication link.