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Products  > Quality By Vision Can Profile Analyzer (CPA)

Quality By Vision Can Profile Analyzer (CPA)

The CPA is a computerized, fully-automatic gauge for measuring an entire can profile, including the beads, flanges and can-height.  


Developed by Quality by Vision, our vision systems inspection brand, our Can Profile Analyzer (CPA) is the first and only one of its kind to use laser profiling technologies for non-contact can inspection.  

A complete automatic height gauge 

The CPA isn’t just a height gauge. It isn’t merely a flange gauge and it isn’t only a bead gauge…it’s all three! A computerized, fully-automatic instrument for measuring an entire can profile, including the beads, flanges and can-height.  

Our height gauge quickly analyzes a can’s information, providing a clear and accurate view of how well the beading process matches the design specs.  

It offers an ingenious new method of analyzing a can’s profile – the first ever completely automated solution of bead gauge inspection!  

If you’re a can manufacturer who uses beads then our automatic gauge is designed to improve the structural strength of your cans.  

Rapid height gauge inspection

Our height gauge is fast! Using state-of-the-art optics, a typical can profile is measured in seconds. The fully automated software automatically detects the beads, flanges and can height with optimal accuracy. 

A simple automatic gauge for all settings

The user-friendly CPA automatic gauge has a simple operating procedure. Anyone can undertake a reliable profile analysis with minimal training. Plus the light maintenance requirements enable you to use the height gauge in practically any environment. 

Why choose the CPA automatic gauge?

Contact devices are inaccurate. They typically use pins with circular heads to scan the can profile. If the pins are too small, they can bend or break. If they are too large, the accuracy is compromised by the size of the pinhead. 

The CPA automatic gauge uses state-of-the-art laser optics and software processing to create an accurate non-contact profile of the can. The sample resolution is not limited by the diameter of the pin’s head or the pressure exerted by a mechanical mechanism.  

Other profile analyzers don’t have nearly the same resolution or accuracy of CPA. They are often both inaccurate and slow. 

Competing automatic gauge products typically have various speeds, each with its own accuracy level. Typically, the slowest speed holds the required standard accuracy level. Since operators don’t have time to operate at these slow speeds, they typically go for higher speeds. This consequently reduces the accuracy level of the measurement.  

The CPA automatic gauge has just one speed – typically faster and more accurate than competing products. That speed is eight seconds for the largest can type with a resolution of nine microns – significantly better than other automatic gauge systems. 

Rapid, Windows™ compatible technology 

Using the powerful Microsoft Windows compatible software supplied with our automatic gauge you’ll accurately measure cans in the production environment at high speeds.  

You can take ad-hoc measurements using your mouse. You can use reference lines and measure any lengths or angles anywhere across a scanned profile. Measurements and reports can be exported into any popular file format, including Microsoft Word, Excel and even Internet formats. 

The Industrial Physics portfolio 

Across the IP portfolio we make a wide range of height gauges, flange gauges and bead gauges. We also design automatic gauges and instruments to test any aspect of any metal package.  

For example, the Quality By Vision End Profile Analyzer (EPA) is an all-in-one can end measurement system. It combines laser profiling and mechanical gauging technologies to accurately measure the ends of your cans. 

Many can makers today run their welders without properly monitoring the quality of the welds, Our QBV Welding Analyzer is an industry-standard tool for inspecting weld accurately and easily. 

The QVIS-C1 system is a high-speed machine vision system for 100% inspection of cans. The system uses a single, high-resolution color camera, advanced optics and illumination to capture an image of the can that reveals all defects on the bottom, sidewall and flange. 

Industrial Physics insight 

Over the decades we’ve learnt a thing or two about how to build innovative yet reliable metal packaging testing devices. We like to share this knowledge with our customers and the wider industry.  

You may appreciate this first piece on how to measure the  double seam of a can. Alternatively, our expert team over at the knowledgebase section of our website wrote this piece on 2-piece Vs 3-piece cans: choosing the right packaging. 


SKU: 308 700:00

Applications: Can Inspection

Materials: Metals

Can diameter: 50 to 250mm

Can height: 50 to 250mm

Measurement resolution: 0.009 mm

Number of beads: unlimited

Bead group configuration: unlimited

Number of scans per head: 6

Measurement method: Non-contact laser profiling

Resolution: 0.0004″ ( 0.01 mm)

Bead depth: 0.004″-0.12″ (0.1- 3 mm)

Scan time: less than 8 seconds for a 10″ high can!

Scan information: exportable information of the entire can profile (not just beads)

Automatic detection: beads, can height, flanges

Additional measurements: ad-hoc measurements between any two points on the screen.

Measurement unit: Microns, mm, Inch, Mil

Can types: flanged body, one-sided seam, finished can

Reports: two report formats

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The Problem

With rising pressures on canneries and can makers to increase productivity, minimize both changeover time and unplanned stops – while ensuring higher quality closures – accurate seamer setup is vital.  

The Solution

Our customer needed a reliable instrument to speed up their seamer changeovers. We presented the ‘perfect’ solution in the Quality By Vision Clearance Gauge. It takes the guesswork out of seamer setup, improves seam integrity, increases uptime and rapidly makes changeovers. 

The Result

A spokesperson for industry-leading metal packaging  manufacturer Caniel said: “The team at Industrial Physics identified the perfect solution for our testing requirements and this has been a huge benefit for us.” 

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