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Countersink Gauge: Food Cans

Countersink Gauge: Food Cans


024 230:00/5






The Countersink Gauge for Food Cans provides a quick and accurate way for operators to mechanically measure countersink depth on food cans.

Easy to learn and use by any operator – the gauge is held upright on top of the can while the measurement anvil goes down to the lowest point on the can’s countersink.

Using a digital micrometer, the information can be easily read off the LCD screen and automatically transmitted to a computer to any of a number of Quality By Vision software packages that supports it like SEAMetal or Symphony software. The countersink gauge measurement can be used as a backup or replacement for the SEAMetal video measurement of the seam’s countersink.

Resolution:  0.01 mm (0.0005″)

Interface:  RS232 (via adapter or multiplexer)

Resolution:  0.01 mm (0.0005″)

Interface:  RS232 (via adapter or multiplexer)

Features & Benefits

Light and easy to use

High accuracy

Stainless steel construction

Wide base supports large can diameters

Computer connection available (SEAMetal or Symphony software)

Easy zeroing