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Combination Seam Gauge - Beverage

Seam thickness, Countersink depth







The Semi-Automatic Combination Seam Gauge provides automated seam thickness and countersink depth measurements, including the option of a 360° scan of seam thickness.

Maximum positions:  1000 readings/second (in 360 mode) or 50 points around the can (can rotated automatically)

Can Body Diameter:  from Ø52 (200) to Ø73 (300)

Can Height:  55 to 240 mm (2.125 to 9.4 in) (Models available for all Food and Beverage Diameters and Heights)

Measurement units:  Inch, mm

Countersink:  0.001 mm (0.00004 in)

Seam Thickness:  0,0001 mm (0,1 micron) (0.0000004 in)

Countersink:  +/- 0,01 mm

Seam Thickness:  +/- 0,001 mm

Output:  RS 232 (110…38400 Baud configurable), USB 2.0

Electrical power required:  100-240VAC 50-60Hz

Air pressure:  min. 72.5 psi (5 bar)

Sze:  18.5 in (470 mm) x 12.6 in (320 mm) x 11 in (280 mm)

Languages:  available in many languages

Features & Benefits

Saves Time

Automatic Can Rotation

Multiple Measurements at one time

Automatic Data Transfer

Increased Accuracy

Automated Measurement

World Class R&R

No Change Parts Required

Complete 360° Seam Thickness Profile (CSG-3000-B)

Fully-Automatic Version Available

For Food or Beverage Cans