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Products  > Technidyne ColorTouch® PC

Technidyne ColorTouch® PC

The ColorTouch® PC is a powerful spectrophotometer that gives you complete control over the optical properties of your paper based products.


Brought to you by Technidyne, our specialist optical, surface, and physical property testing brand, The ColorTouch® PC inspects everything from ISO brightness, color and color difference to fluorescence and opacity. 

In today’s world of strict standards and high demands, the data needed to assess whether a product meets customer specifications is essential. You can count on our industry-leading spectrophotometers when paper color decisions matter.  

Color spectrophotometer versatility 

Our industry-leading spectrophotometer is quick, exact and versatile. With swing-in calibration, primary calibration, ColorTouch PC software, sample viewing and optional equipment, its functionality is far beyond standard color evaluation. 

PC perfect spectrophotometer inspection

The ColorTouch® PC is driven by a powerful software package that provides you with the ultimate flexibility to develop and design specific operational presentations to match your testing needs.  

The simple Windows™ based interface of our ColorTouch software gives you total control over your spectrophotometer data analysis. You can use information from several different measurements and by evaluating historical trends. 

Quality spectrophotometer testing – as standard

The colortouch spectrophotometer was developed to support paper color inspection to a wide range of international standards. These include: ISO 12625-15, ISO 12625-16, ISO 12625-7, ISO 2470-1, ISO 2470-2, ISO 5631-1, ISO 5631-2, ISO 5631-3, TAPPI T519, TAPPI T525, TAPPI T527, TAPPI T534 and TAPPI T560. 

More color spectrophotometer solutions

We make a wide range of spectrophotometer devices and accessories. For example, check out the ColorTouch®X 45 which combines a powerful set of tools to meet the demands of the brightness, color, color difference and fluorescence markets. Or perhaps the PROFILE/Plus® ColorTouch, which offers unmatched capacity for appearance evaluation, is more appropriate for your workplace.  

Spectrophotometer news and views  

We like to share the lessons learnt over many decades of making spectrophotometers for color. Why not check out our blog on the main uses of a spectrophotometer, or this one that explores some different methods of testing the physical properties of paper? 



Applications: Appearance Testing, Coating Testing, Corrugated Testing, Materials Testing, Optical Testing, Paper Testing, Paperboard Testing

Materials: Cardboard, Corrugated Paper, Inks and Coatings, Paper, Paperboard, Tissue

ISO standards: 2469, 2470, 2471, 11475, 11476, 12625, 5631, 3688, 9416, 22754, 22891

TAPPI Standards: T519, T525, T527, T534, T560

Sample Types: letter / A4 sheets / sheeted materials / handsheets / tissue / towels / powder and minerals (pressed pellets)

Spectrophotometer sample thickness / range: 0 to 40,000μm

Geometry: Dual beam d/0°

Specimen area measured: 28 +/- 3mm

w/optional apertures: 15mm & 7.5mm

Specimen aperture: 34 +/- 0.5mm

Optional apertures: 15.8mm & 7.8mm

Light source: Pulsed xenon

Lamp life (# of measurements): +500,000

Detector: Scanning silicone diode array

Spectrometer range: 400 to 700nm

Bandpass: 10nm

Calibration: Traceable to NRC

Measurement range: 0-200% (Reflectance)

UV Sources: D65, C, UV-EX, UV1*, UV2*

Automatic UV control: auto-adjustment to calibrated sources

UV filters: UV Trim 395nm/ UV Cut-off 420nm

Observers: CIE 2°, 10°

Illuminants: C, D65, A, B, D50, D55, D75, F2, F7, F11

Photometric nonlinearity: 0.1%

Repeatability (White tile avg. 20 readings): < 0.01 CIELAB DE

Reproducibility (Interinstrument): <0.20 CIELAB DE

Automated (quick cal): Yes (internal working standard)

Automated Calibration (Primary): Yes** (auto data entry via USB)

Measurement time: 4 to 10 seconds (measurement dependent)

Measurement results: brightness (ISO) / opacity / whiteness (CIE, Hunter, ASTM, Hunter, Berger, Stephensen, Stensby)yYellowness (ASTM Hunter) / tint (CIE, Hunter) / color (XYZ/Rx,Ry,Rz/ L,a,b/ L*, a*, b* /L*, C*, h/ DWL,PUR,x,y,Y) / color difference / fluorescence / metamerism / spectral data – wavelengths 400 to 700nm

Reflectance intervals: 1nm, 5nm, 10nm, 20nm

Statistics: average / maximum test value / minimum test value / standard deviation

Data results database: yes

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Spares and Accessories

Technidyne Standards Package Thumb Drive

ISO Brightness and Color Primary Calibration Standards Kit - Single Set - for ColorTouch or other ISO 2469/2470 instruments. Includes Traceability Certificate.

Technidyne Standards Package Thumb Drive

ISO Brightness and Color Primary Calibration Standards Kit - Quarterly Subscription - for ColorTouch or other ISO 2469/2470 instruments. Includes Traceability Certificate.

Technidyne Standards Package Thumb Drive

ISO Brightness and Color Primary Calibration Standards Kit - Monthly Subscription - for ColorTouch or other ISO 2469/2470 instruments. Includes Traceability Certificate.

Standard Configuration conforms to ISO 2469, with three optional aperture sizes available for customers who need to measure a smaller sample area.  Customer to specify the aperture size at time of order.

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