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Eagle Vision Code Reading

The Eagle Vision Code Reading Inspection module inspects ink-jet, laser and thermotransfer codes on various packaging types, including cans, labels, cartons and PET bottles. 


Brought to you by Eagle Vision, our specialist vision inspection systems brand, our industry-leading code reader checks if codes are present, complete, readable or correct.  

The Eagle Vision Code Reading Inspection Module scans ink-jet, laser and thermotransfer codes on many packaging types. This includes beverage cans, infant formula cans, labels, cartons, films and foils and PET bottles.  

This industry-leading code reader features a high resolution and multi-channel illumination configuration. It’s ideal for small code types, bigger inspection surfaces and multiple regions of interest within the same product.  

A versatile Code Reader machine

Our clever code reader inspects everything from production dates to best before dates and shelf life codes.   

It’s ideal for bar, batch, lot, QR and track and trace codes. It quickly checks packaging identification and 2D matrix codes. And it’s an accurate and reliable OCR inspection unit as well.   

This all-in-one code reader even enables you to check special font types, including Asian and Arabic fonts.  

Mix-ups, mistakes and counterfeit protection

With our high-tech code reader you’ll quickly detect any misprints in the code and also mixed-up packaging. It also protects against counterfeiting by helping you to register serialized anti-fake codes.   

Multiple Code Reader modules

To further enhance the capability of our code reader, we make a range of special modules. It can also be set-up to inspect for multi-code reading and high resolution labels.   

High-speed Code Reader machine performance 

The Eagle Vision Code Reader is built for high speed performance. This makes it perfect for our customers in multiple markets with a high throughput variations. 

A fully automated Code Reader

Most of our solutions can run fully automated, meaning they comply with the requirements of fourth industrial revolution processes. The automation of our code reader saves you time and money. Plus it’s a hygienic way to check your products too – what you need if you operate in high care, food or wet beverage environments.   

Scan through our Code Reader portfolio

Across the IP portfolio we make a wide range of similar code reader machines, QR code scanners and vision based solutions.   

Leaking products is a common risk for food and beverage makers. So we developed the Cap Inspection device for correct cap positioning, cap mix-up, and correct cap orientation.  

Then there’s our Dirty Tray Vision System. It meanwhile became an indutrial standard solution to prevent bad imprints and dirty trays in starch molding production lines that make candy and jellies.  

Code reading machine related blogs

We like to share the insight we’ve gained across the knowledgebase section of our website.   

You’ll find several articles and opinion pieces that focus on related subjects such as this one – can inspection: how can you do it? You may also want to check out this piece that explores five types of beer testing equipment to ensure product quality.   

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Success Stories

The problem

Wasted candy has traditionally been a big problem in the confectionery industry – eating away at time and money. So a leading US confectionery company decided they needed to invest in an inspection device to solve it.


Our response

Industrial Physics discovered the secret ingredient for success – the Dirty Tray Vision System from Eagle Vision. It combines state-of-the-art cameras and advanced technology to significantly reduce waste in dirty trays during candy starch moulding.

The result

Within just 12 months the team at Just Born Quality Confections enjoyed a strong return on investment. A spokesperson said:


“Quality of product, reduction of scrap and long-term operating costs have all been enhanced by this addition to our system.”

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