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Code Reading

The Code Reading modules inspect ink-jet, laser, thermal-transfer and pre-printed ID codes on various packaging types, including infant formula cans, food cans, beverage cans, labels, cartons, PET bottles, films and foils.



The Code Reading modules inspect ink-jet, laser and thermal-transfer codes on various packaging types, including infant formula cans, food cans, beverage cans, labels, cartons, film, foil and PET bottles. The inspection checks if codes are present, complete, readable and correct.

Code Reading assures you compliant Best Before Dates and Lot Codes, detection of mixed-up packaging and registration of serialization anti-fake codes. We have special modules dedicated for reflective or round surfaces, like cans and bottles. We deliver standard solutions ideal for High Speed performance, up to 144.000/hour, as required in the beverage industry. Most of our solutions can run fully automated, fitting the Industry 4.0 movement. Operating in a hygienic high care, food or wet beverage environment? No problem, we have a proven and easy-to-use solution for you. With service levels up to 24/7 support and a global network of service partners, ongoing support is always by hand.

Your inspected codes may include one or more of these:
Production dates
Best Before dates
Shelf life codes
Lot codes
Batch codes
Track & trace codes
Packaging identification codes
2D Data Matrix codes
QR codes

• OCR, OCV and Code presence detection
• Inspection of special font types, including Asian and Arabic fonts
• Verification of code position
• Misprints and ink drops
• Ink-jet, laser, thermal-transfer, pre-printed codes
• Production code, Best Before date, 2D Data Matrix code, QR Code
• Barcode Reading (ladder + picket fence orientation)

• Reading multiple codes and code types at the same time.
• Label ID numbers (MRDR code / OCR code)
• Packaging identification codes
• Serialization codes (unique code per product)
• Decoration, Color Art-work, or Label Inspection
• Cap Inspection (mix-up / positioning)
• Fill-level Inspection
• High resolution and multi-camera configuration for small code types, bigger inspection surfaces, multiple viewing points and 360° view on round products.

Standard Code Reading modules:
• Module 1: Code Reading OCR+, Plug & Play unit specialized for cans
• Module 2: Code Reading OCR+, Standard for various containers
• Module 3: Multi Code Reading & Label Inspection – High Resolution
• Module 4: Serialization Multi-Can Code Reading
• Module 5: 360˚ All-in-One Code Reading & Label Inspection – High Resolution

Features & Benefits

Proven reliable readings

Industry 4.0 Automation features

High speed inspection possible

Anti-reflection expertise

Marking of frequently changing characters (for time / sequence numbers)

Color dot filter for Beverage cans

Scaling for stretched and squeezed codes

Modular expandable with other inspection modules, such as label inspection

Random orientation on round products possible

Network connection

Remote connection

Storage of statistics and pictures

Short changeover time

Simple installation to the line

Stainless steel, completely closed units

Hygienic design

Inspection by top view, up view, side view, multi view possible

Very operator friendly user interface

CE certified

Easy maintenance due to no moving parts

24/7 support