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BTE-200: Buckle Tester for Cans and Seamed Ends

Computerized Pressure Buckle Tester for Seamed Ends


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Quality By Vision’s BTE-200 – Buckle Tester for Cans and Seamed Ends is an automatic, easy to use pressure of no return (PNR) tester for three-piece seamed cans. The system tests the maximum pressure applied to the can, where the can bottom still returns to its original position. The automatic results and the pressure graph are displayed in the built-in monitor. The hardware consists of a robust pressure chamber with a protective door and multiple safety features.

The operator positions an empty can inside the pressure chamber and locks it in the holding mechanism. Multiple adaptors are supplied for different can diameters. As soon as the safety door is locked, the operator presses the Start button to begin the measurement. Controlled air pressure is provided from the bottom and the pressure is gradually increased until all beads have buckled.

At the end of the measurement, the software automatically detects and displays the buckle points for each bead on the graphs.

Pressure Range:  15 to 60 PSI (-1 to 4 Bar)

Air Pressure Required:  90 PSI with 25 Gallons per minute (GPM)

Cycle Time:  up to 60 Seconds (programmable)

Maximum Can Size:  189mm diameter, 285mm height

Features & Benefits

Programmable measurement cycle

Programmable mode of operation

High accuracy

Automatic measurement ensures repeatability

Can work standalone or connected to PC

Multiple safety features

Easy to use, easy to read software