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BottlePerm Fixture

BottlePerm Fixture




  • OxySense
  • Applications:



    The OxySense BottlePerm Fixture, with the OxySense OTR (oxygen transmission rate) software package, allows you to use your OxySense 5250i to perform OTR and closure evaluation on bottles. It provides easy flushing and sealing on a large range of bottle neck sizes regardless of the thread size.

    The BottlePerm Fixture is designed to facilitate the determination of the oxygen transmission rate (OTR) of a bottle by providing a platform on which to easily seal and then purge a bottle of all oxygen. Once purged, permeation/OTR is determined via the embedded OxyDot – O2xyDot® and the user friendly OxySense 5250i OTR software package. The BottlePerm fixture can also be used for permeation/OTR evaluation of a large variety of cup-like containers, such as yogurt cups, as well as closure evaluation of wine bottle corks and screw caps.

    Accurate, fast, user friendly and very affordable to own and use (virtually no maintenance and no annual calibration requirements) – it is the ideal addition to your lab’s resources.

    Features & Benefits



    Easy to use

    Uses the same award winning OxySense Technology and software used with the OxySense Permeation Chamber

    Facilitates large range of bottle neck sizes regardless of thread size

    Accommodates cut bottle necks for cork and/or cap seal testing

    Accommodates a large variety of cups and cup-like containers

    Easily scalable