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Body Blank Gauge

Body Blank Height, Body Blank Width and Body Blank Squareness







High Precision Body Blank Gauge with Linear Compensation ensures accurate slitter setups for canmaking.

Blank Length:  600, 950 and 1200 mm (depending on model)

Measurement units:  mm, inch

Resolution:  0.00004 in (0.001 mm)

Accuracy:  ±0.0002 in (±0,005 mm)

Output:  RS 232 C

Electrical power required:  120/240VAC 50-60Hz

Languages:  Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, Russian, Danish, Hungarian, Polish, Portuguese, Finnish, Swedish, Turkish, Greek, Bulgarian, Taiwanese, Czech, Thai

Features & Benefits

Increased Accuracy

Constant measuring force for repeatable, user independent results

Saves Time

Sequential measurement of Body Blank Height, Body Blank Width & Squareness

Heidenhain Counter electronics with linear compensation in industrial quality

Available models: BBG-2-600, BBG-2-950, BBG-2-1200

Also available with BBG-900/1200 extension table to accommodate large sheets from the coil cutting line (incl. long rail for squareness probe)