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Beverage Seam Saw AGS-2000

Beverage Seam Saw

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The safe, fully enclosed Double Seam Saw for Beverage Cans traps seam shavings and sound inside, protecting users by dramatically reducing noise levels and keeping fingers safe.

Maximum size:  300

Minimum size:  200

Saw Blades Range:  80 x 22 x 0.5mm, HSS

Output Interface Speed:  3000rpm

Electrical power required:  120 / 240 VAC 50-60 Hz

Size:  380 mm x 200 mm x 200 mm (15 in x 8 in x 8 in)

Features & Benefits

Safe – Simple and Ergonomic design keeps hands away from blades

Quiet – Totally enclosed unit cuts noise level, keeping it below 85dB

Saves Time – Easy accessible blade compartment makes for quick blade changes and maintenance

High Quality – Holds the can in place to ensure high quality cuts