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BDG-200: Bead Depth Gauge, Food Cans

BDG-200: Bead Depth Gauge, Food Cans


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Quality By Vision’s new Bead Depth Gauge is an accurate, user friendly digital gauge that can measure bead depth on any size beaded food can. A magnetic centering device ensures the can is held in place for the measurement procedure. The heavy duty design ensures the gauge can be used near the production line without affecting the accuracy.

The gauge can be used to verify automatic readings taken by the Can Profile Analyzer or it can be used in cases where only the bead depth reading is needed.

Results can be read off the built in micrometer display or from a PC running Symphony software.

Can sizes:  Any size beaded can

Operation:  Manual, stand alone or with Symphony software

Resolution:  0.01 mm (10 microns) = 0.0005″

Features & Benefits

Robust tabletop design


Magnetic centering device for any size can

Easy to use, calibrate and verify

Affordable alternative when only bead depth measurements are necessary

Can be used stand alone or connected to Symphony software


No change parts or adjustment needed – one gauge covers all can sizes