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Axial Load/Panel Tester

Axial Load, Panel Strength








The Semi-Automated Axial Load / Panel Tester is a combination unit for the safe and accurate testing of axial load and implosion (paneling) for 3-piece cans.

Max Height:  280mm (11 in)

Max Diameter:  153mm (603 in)

Range Axial Load:  10.000 N with overload protection

Range Panel:  Max pressure 45 psi (bar)

Electrical required:  100-240VAC 50-60Hz

Air Pressure required:  90 psi (6 bar) min

Panel measurement units:  bar, kPa, psi

Axial Load Measurement units:  N, kg, Ibs

Output interface:  RS232 Computer Interface

Languages:  English, German, French, Chinese

Dimensions:  607 mm x 708 mm x 887 mm (24 in x 28 in x 35 in)

Resolution Pressure:  0,01 bar (0,15 psi)

Resolution Force:  1,0 N

Features & Benefits

Saves Time

Multiple Tests in One unit – Easily switch between tests with touch of button

Utilizes Quick-Fill – Pressure rapidly increases to set threshold, then fill rate reduces to maximize accuracy

Automatic Data Transfer

Increased Accuracy

Automated testing process eliminates operator error

No Change Parts Required

Multiple Safety Features

Pressure chamber independently tested and certified

System initiates only when door latch is secure, and will not open while chamber is pressurized

Windows on the sides of the pressure chamber allow the operator to see the implosion process