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Automatic Can Saw

Automatic Can Saw







The Automatic Double Seam Saw automatically cuts can Double Seams precisely and efficiently, giving you a clear image for highly reliable double seam inspection and analysis of steel cans.

Maximum size:  AGS-3000; 603 X 700 (153mm X 178mm)

Maximum size:  AGS-3100; 610 X 1400 (168mm X 356mm)

Minimum size:  200 X 107 (50mm X 38mm)

Electrical power required:  110VAC 60Hz / 220VAC 50Hz

Air pressure:  90 psi (6 bar)

Size:  530 mm x 445 mm x 400 mm (21 in x 18 in x 16 in)

Features & Benefits

Safest saw in the industry

Hands-free operation

Automatic Tab Indenter

Quiet – Sound-insulated unit dramatically reduces noise levels to below 90dB with most cans

High Quality – Provides precise, clean cuts for highly-reliable inspection

Accommodates a wide range of can diameters – 200-603 (500mm – 153mm), composite cans, plastic bowls, aerosol cans, and even non-round cans

Model available for Oil Filters (AGS-4100F)

Adjustable blades for custom slot width