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Automatic Aerosol Multidimensional Gauge

Automatic Aerosol Multidimensional Gauge

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    Multidimensional Automatic Gauge for Aerosol Cans is is an accurate, user friendly and affordable system that automatically measures and records all important physical dimensions on the complete range of aerosol can sizes. The system measures all dimensions in less than a second and displays the results on screen and shows the operator which of the dimensions are out of specifications. The Multidimensional Automatic Gauge can measure three sections of can in about 10 seconds and the results are completely tamper-proof (operators can’t change the numbers detected by the gauge).

    Output:  RS232

    Electrical power required:  220V/50Hz

    Languages:  available in many languages

    Measurement Resolution:  0.0005″

    Features & Benefits

    Pneumatically controlled micrometers

    Special fixtures for positioning of all Aerosol cans from 1.8in-2.5in diameter

    Motorized Can height gauge stops at force of 7 Newtons

    Maximum can height 12in

    Includes factory certified calibration gauge set

    Measures: Can Height, Seam Height, Top seam diameter, Bottom seam diameter, ‘S’ Dimension, Distance between top of can and top seam, Dome depth, External Body diameter, Internal opening (1in) and Outside ring diameter