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Double Seam Inspection (Seam Thickness, Countersink Depth, Seam Height, Body Hook, Cover Hook, Overlap, Seam Gap, % Body Hook Butting) Wrinkle Rating (% Tightness) with option of Can Height.

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The AUTO-XTS is a fully-automated, on-line or stand-alone measurement system that provides non-destructive, complete double seam inspection for beverage fillers. The fully-automated AUTO-XTS combines the internal X-ray seam measurements of the SEAMscan XTS with a second station for external measurements into one robust unit, providing faster inspection results, and reduced labor costs.

A robot handling system moves a complete range of filled beverage cans through the measurement stations.

Station #1: The can is automatically carried to Station #1 for measurement of Countersink Depth and Seam Thickness using CMC-KUHNKE’s TSG Gauge series. Measurements are made in up to 36 locations around the can.

Station #2: Patented XTS technology uses safe, low-power X-ray imaging to measure internal parameters of the seam, including tightness. The content is not affected by the X-ray.

Station #3: Measuring the height of the can.

Out-Feed: Once the double seam inspection has been completed, the cans are placed in order by head number either onto a conveyor for online systems, or into a carrying basket for manually loaded systems.

Connectivity Required:  Connection to LAN (RJ45), 1 fixed IP Address (for external database access)

Measurement units:  mm, in

Resolution:  0.01 mm (0.025 in)

Output:  RS232

Electrical power required:  100-240VAC 50-60Hz, average power consumption 600W

Air pressure:  6-8 bar (90-145 psi), filtered dry air, max flow 35 SCFM

Size:  260 x 200 x 120 cm (102 x 79 x 48 in), 400 kg (882 lbs)

Languages:  English, Spanish, Chinese, German

Features & Benefits

Faster and safer


No product spoilage

Proven, patented

360° tightness scan

Operator independent

World class R&R

Data is sent automatically to Visionary QC™ or other data acquisition and SPC reporting software

Automatic wrinkle identification and percentage calculation

Automatic dimple detection

Automatic tab detection

Excellent X-Ray-shielding (TÜV Rheinland tested to < 0.1 mSv per year)

Easy to use calibration/verification mode (with calibration piece)

Works with Visionary QC™ SPC Software

Easy-to-use Statistical Process Control for quick analysis of can inspection data

Flexible, secure database

Intuitive inspection reports may be shared and exported

Track trends and statistics with SPC Graphs