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Products  > Systech Illinois AquaSense 7101 Water Vapor Permeation

Systech Illinois AquaSense 7101 Water Vapor Permeation

Advanced coulometric sensor technology meets the best in user-friendly operation with the AquaSense 7101 water vapor transmission rate tester 


Brought to you by Systech Illinois, our moisture, gas and oxygen analysis specialist brand, this water vapor transmission rate tester offers a wide measurement range. It gives you precision temperature, humidity and flow control.  

It’s the ideal choice for measuring the moisture vapor transmission rate (MVTR) of liquids through both current and newly formulated packaging film materials. Which is just what you need for speedy, quality control testing.  

High-tech WVTR testing

The phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5) moisture sensor consists of a dual platinum winding, formed around a quartz tube. It gives you absolute moisture measurement and doesn’t even need calibrating.  

Wide ranging MVTR testing  

The stable, high sensitivity P205 coulometric sensor of our water vapor transmission rate testers offer a wide measurement range of 0.002-1000 g/m 2/day.  

ASTM F1249 compliant

Our MVTR tester is compliant with several international testing standards including ASTM F1249 and ASTM F3299-18. 

WVTR testing – made easy

The AquaSense 7101 WVTR tester is simple to operate – just load the film and press a button. It’s really easy with our trademarked Q-Seal™ gas-free cell closure system which reduces testing costs and increases productivity.  

Touch-screen MVTR testing

The large, touch screen operated display of our interactive water vapor transmission rate tester is easy to use and intuitive. Just enter the desired conditions and press start. 

Multi-faceted MVTR testing  

Test up to ten different conditions of temperature and relative humidity at the touch of a button with our trademarked ‘test condition matrix’ (TCM) functionality.  

Satellite expansive WVTR testing

Our water vapor transmission rate tester is designed to be expandable and reduce testing costs. In fact, we’re the only major developer to offer satellite expansion functionality.  

A low cost WVTR test  

Our water vapor transmission rate tester comes with a long lasting coulometric sensor with a low replacement cost. It’s protected with our trademarked ‘anti-surge’ technology which keeps excessive levels of water vapor at bay.

MVTR networking

The full Windows® operating system allows for safe, secure operation and network connectivity. 

Remote WVTR testing support 

We can gain remote access to your instrument on request, wherever you are. So you get instant diagnosis and repair system errors without any on-site visit costs. 

WVTR testing choices 

We make a range of water vapor transmission rate testers and accessories. Check out the Lyssy L80-6000 or our TQC Sheen permeability cups and get in touch if you need more options or information. 

Unlock testing capabilities with the Profile Manager

Utilizing our Profile Manager, you can set-up ten different test conditions and the analyzer will automatically run through them all. Each test with unique temperatures and humidity conditions

Sharing our knowledge

At Industrial Physics we like to share a little knowledge along the way. Please check our recent blogs on why water vapor permeation is important or this examination of permeation testing and the barriers to it.  


SKU: MDL-007101

Applications: Permeation Testing

Materials: Film, Paper, Plastics and Polymers

Range g/(m2 • day) Unmasked : 0.0025 to 70

g/(m2 • day) Masked: 0.02 to 1000

g/(pkg • day) at 10cc flow: 0.00001 to 0.05 // At 50cc flow up to 0.5

Resolution g/(m2 • day) : 0.0001

Repeatability g/(m2 • day): 0.002 or 2% Whichever is greater

Test Temperature Range: 10ºC to 40ºC (50ºF to 104ºF)

Controlled RH Testing Range: 20 to 90% RH

Sample size: 50cm2, adapters available for smaller sizes

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The problem

Increasing numbers of companies are seeking planet-protecting sustainable packaging options. Many want to work with biodegradable polymers, but are finding their traditional testing methods aren’t suitable.

The goal

Aquapak were looking for a novel approach to water vapor transmission testing (WVTR) and we worked together to strive towards a sustainable solution towards testing hydrophilic films.

The result

Being able to build a relationship with Industrial Physics and leverage their expertise in packaging barriers was critical to the success of this programme.”

Max Phippard, Quality Control Manager at Aquapak

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